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Medical Caches

Nathan Garvin

At the southern end of the Angaran Resistance Base you’ll find the barracks, in which awaits a taciturn Aganaran doctor, Dr. Harihn. While Harihn may not be the most friendly Angaran out there, his assistant - Assistant Trae - will speak up and mention some medical caches. Like the Samians said to the Spartans, “The bag wants flour”, except replace “Samians” with “Angarans” and “Spartans” with “you” and “bag” with “medical caches” and flour with “medical supplies”. You get the idea.

Start things out by heading southeast from Harihn and pick up some Medical Supplies stacked along a wall, after which SAM will pull up some navpoints for the medical caches. You now have to find three such caches, one of which is perilously close to the main Kett base on Voeld, likely forcing you to deal with it as part of the quest “Remove the Heart”. Their locations are described in detail, below:

  • The easiest one to reach is east, southeast of Techiix Station, near the center of the map. Simply head to the navpoint, then get out of the Nomad and make your way towards the signal smoke and replenish the Medical Cache. Easy-peasy. Oh yeah, and defeat the Kett ambush (via dropship) that follows. Just a handful of Chosen. Still easy-peasy.

Talk to Dr. Harihn in the Resistance Base to hear about some depleted medical caches (left) then search the surface of Havarl and replenish them (right).

Fight your way into the Kett base (left) and fill the Medical Cache there (right).

Apparently that’s not a generous enough reward, however, as Dr. Harihn will contact you and promise more rewards. Return to the Resistance Base at your leisure and talk to the good doctor, who will reward you with a number of consumables including an Overdrive Pack, some Incendiary Ammo, Backup Life Support, and Cryo Ammo.


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