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Gone With the Wind

Nathan Garvin

From the Forward Station near Kadara Slums follow the road northwest past an Outcast/Collective camp until you spot an elevated structure north of the road. Drive up onto a ledge running parallel to the road to reach these structures, outside of which you’ll find Aislin, who is worrying over a broken turbine. After she star-gazes at the Pathfinder for a bit you’ll be able to coax this quest out of her; seems like some nasty scavengers have been pillaging their turbines. Fortunately, this problem has been going on long enough that she started putting trackers on the parts, which provides you with a navpoint to the scavenger camp.

Talk to Aislin to learn that scavengers have been causing her no small amount of trouble (left). Drive through the mountainous highlands of Haafel to reach the scavenger camp (right).

To reach this scavenger camp continue driving northwest past the wind farm, past another Collective camp, and when you reach a fork near some Remnant ruins turn northeast. At a second fork continue northeast and follow the road as it loops around to the east, then abruptly turns southwest before terminating near a structure. From this structure you can drive southwest past some rocks to find a Nomad-sized passage, beyond which turn north past some structures to find a Forward Station, which will make getting around a bit easier. Backtrack to the structure where the road ended and drive uphill to the south, avoiding rocky terrain until you find a relatively flat clearing with a lone structure and a Mining Zone. This is where you can start the quest “Task: Broken Family”.

Search the debris at the scavenger camp (left) then defeat the Ancient Eiroch that appears (right).

More on that later, you’re searching for scavengers, right? Drive up to this isolated structure and from it turn west to find another pass in the mountains you can drive through, beyond which you’ll find your scavenger camp. When you reach the navpoint you’ll find… well, a lot of bodies, and a hunk of Debris you can examine. Do so and you’ll ponder what could have killed all the scavengers and destroyed the parts? You won’t have to wonder for long, however, as an Ancient Eiroch will show up and introduce itself. Let it know in no uncertain terms that you’re the baddest thing on Kadara, after which loot some lucrative containers, then return to the wind farm.

Well, the scavengers are dead, even though you weren’t the one who killed them. If anything, you might have made Kadara safer for future scavengers. Perish the thought and talk to Aislin, who is happy enough that the scavengers are dead and that no filthy thieves are playing with her turbine parts. For helping her out you’ll gain 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability and 530 XP. What? Not like that Eiroch can collect.


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