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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Station Sabotage

Nathan Garvin

Rajs Suspicion

Leave the scientists and head back west up the ramp to the information wall, then turn south to find Raj Patil near the sparking wall panel that malfunctioned earlier. This quest can be completed entirely without leaving the Nexus, so you may as well start it now. Talk to Raj to learn about the incident, which he suspects is sabotage. Since you weren’t here during the rebellion on the Nexus, he’ll rule you out as a suspect and ask you to help him. That handy-dandy scanner on your arm can’t hurt your chances, either.

Agree to help out and head south into Director’s Tann’s office and scan the eastern wall opposite Tann’s desk to locate the first panel. Scan it and SAM will encourage you to follow a wire… skip that step and head north to Addison’s office and scan a second panel along the eastern wall, south of some screens. Next head down a ramp, then down some stairs to reach the information wall. From the information wall turn east to find two ramps leading down to the lower section of the Operations area. Go down the northern ramp and once down the ramp immediately turn west to find a third panel on the wall near a ramp, behind some crates. Once done head back up the ramp and once up near the information wall turn north and search the eastern wall to find the fourth panel. Finally head back to where Kandros stands and from there head to the eastern end of this side-room, then turn south to find the fifth and final wall panel.

After a surprising explosion on the Nexus, talk to the engineer involved, who suspects sabotage! (left) Scan the suspicious panels (right) to confirm his suspicions.

Confronting Zarah

After you scan all five panels Raj will contact you and name a suspect, which SAM confirms. Take the tram to the Habitation Deck, take the stairs down then turn south, past a chronically angry woman who has the medical misfortune to be perpetually stuck in an aggressive pose. We like to have fun here.

You’ll find Zarah in the Atrium, just north of the stairs, and when confronted she’ll pile onto the conspiracy. SAM again steps in to corroborate her story, taking much of the mystery out of things (cheating AI!), but to know for certain you’ll have to take a peek at some security cameras.

The Saboteur

Return once again to Operations and check out some Security Footage in a room northeast of where Kandros pretends to be busy. You can read some “Damage Control” messages - correspondence between Jarun Tann, Director of the Andromeda Initiative and Tiran Kandros (didn’t feel the need to put his undeserved title here) - to get some backstory on the rebellion, but what you’re really here for are the “Security Footage” logs. Watch one, then another, and finally a third to come to the conclusion that somebody is, in fact, covering their tracks. Somebody with security clearance.

Scan various guards throughout the Nexus until you finger a suspect (left) then decide his fate (right).

Fortunately for the Nexus, your handy-dandy scanner and symbiotic AI implant can, with a little footwork, solve all your problems! This will be a running them, of course. All you need to do is scan security personnel until SAM identifies the culprit. Don’t waste your time scanning anybody on the Operations deck, however, instead head to the tram and ride back to the Habitation Deck. Leave the tram, go down the stairs and turn south into a laboratory, then scan a guard in the southeastern corner of the room, who is suspiciously tampering with a wall panel. After SAM confirms the likelihood that this is your man, talk to him and decide his fate. Pick the option “Not up to me.” to leave him to the mercy of the “government” he despises, or pick “You need to go” to evict him from the Nexus. Either way, this quest will end and you’ll get 73 Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) and quite possibly enough XP to hit level four.

Exploring the Docking Bay

There are a few more things to see and do in the Nexus, and they all happen to be in the Docking Bay, so ride the tram back over there and behold, the new merchants. These include an Armor Merchant and a General Store Merchant. The Arms Merchant is merely the chap from the Operations deck, now transferred to a more suitable location.

Check your Email aboard the Tempest to find a quest-starting message from one Keri TVessa (left). This long-running quest will involve periodically answering Keris questions… and perhaps a bit of flirting (right).

Path of a Hero (Part 1)

Next, make your way to the eastern end of this area to find Keri T’Vessa, a nosy newscaster who claims to want the truth, an honest record of the Andromeda Initiative’s troubled start in the Andromeda galaxy. Take part and respond as you wish, after which this long-running quest will go dormant.

There are a few more quests you can start in the Nexus, but postpone them for now until you have more of a free hand on Eos. Speaking of which, now is a fine time to explore the four systems you currently have charted, if you wish, then move on with the main story. Either way, make for the Tempest and if you wish to gather some resources and do some exploration, consult the “Space Exploration” section of the guide. If not, continue straight on with the walkthrough, in the section “A Better Beginning - Eos”.


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