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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Know Your Enemy

Nathan Garvin

Fallout After the Facility

After rescuing the Moshae from the Kett facility in “A Trail of Hope” check you email to find the message “Message from Voeld: Intel on Kett”. Read it to start the quest “Know Your Enemy”, then head to the Resistance Base on Voeld, where you’ll find Raelis - the Angaran who sent you the message. Chat with her and she’ll get to the point after ogling you for a moment; the Kett have been unusually active after your raid on the Kett facility the Moshae was held captive in, and Raelis suspects they may be trying to set up another exaltation facility. You should deter them from this goal. With death.

Claiming Kett Biosamples

This Kett facility just so happens to be in the south-center of the Voeld map, a ways south and slightly east of the Techiix Station Forward Station, making it the only quest that should really lure you south before you complete “Remove the Heart” by sacking the Kett base. Unfortunately there aren’t any Forward Stations all that close - the closest is in the southeastern-most corner of the Voeld map, so be prepared for a long drive.

Drive to the navpoint to find the Kett facility, which at a glance doesn’t look much more formidable than random Kett outposts and points-of-interest around Voeld. The sheer number of Kett prowling around this facility, however, hint at something more sinister. Clear out the Chosen and Wraiths around the facility, then head inside where you’ll find more foes, including Chosen, Anointed and Destined.

Kill all the Kett inside, then loot the building’s numerous containers. After that, it’s time to get scanning and examining, starting at the northwestern door and working your way around the building clockwise. In the northern corner of the room you’ll find a “Collected Biospecimen” syringe you can scan, then interact with. Read a Datapad on the same table and access the “Recording: Operations Log ZR-2851” file then make your way south, southeast to find another “Collected Biospecimen” syringe on a Kett medical table. There’s also another Datapad nearby which bears the audio recording “Recording: Operations Log ZK-7539” .

Search the Kett outpost to find a number of Collected Biospecimens (left) and Datapads (right).

A third Datapad awaits you further south, southeast and it bears the log “Recording: Operations Log ZT-9329” . To the southwest is another “Collected Biospecimen” syringe, but while it can be scanned, it’s not what you’re looking for. Still, even the syringes full of other, non-Kett samples are worth some Research Data points, so you might as well scan them. Speaking of which, search the western corner of the room to find another useless “Collected Biosample” syringe, then scan one more bogus “Collected Biosample” syringe resting on a crate opposite the door to the north, northwest. Finally scan the third and final “Collected Biosample” syringe on a table just south, southeast of the door to the west, southwest.

With all three Kett bio samples collected you’ll get some chatter about the Archon and his propagative prowess. More importantly, by scanning all three Datapads and listening to their audio logs you’ll have discovered the location of a Kett communications station. Naturally, being a Kett installation, the squad quickly decides it would look better if it was on fire, perhaps sprinkled with Kett corpses for effect. First, however, leap up on the roof of this facility to find a container and a Kett Core Encryption Tech device worth scanning.

Crashing the Communications Station

The Kett communications station you’re after is on the eastern end of the map, northeast of the southeastern-most Forward Station. Alternatively there’s a line of Forward Stations along the eastern end of the map - if you travel to the southern-most of these three stations (the one just east of the Kett base) the communications station is due south… well, more or less. Either way, there’s a bit of wilderness between this communications station and the nearest Forward Station, to be prepared for another drive.

Raid the Kett communications station (left) then search the pacified station to find some informative audio logs (right).

When you reach the base you’ll find that it’s built into a hill on the eastern side of a mountain pass, wisely occupying the high ground. This makes an approach from the east more or less mandatory, so circle around the base and get to work clearing out the numerous Kett, including Chosen, Anointed and Destined. Fight your way west to a structure, and when the Kett are gone search a platform to the west to find a Datapad… a Datapad which provides interesting information on the Kett chain of command. Continue west around some Kett electronics and play an Audio Log, then return east to the structure and search the eastern wall to find another Kett Audio Log for even more juicy intel.

With that, the well has run dry as far as information goes, and the quest goes on hold. Looks like you’ll need to wait for future developments. It’s not all bad, however, as you’ll earn 73 AVP, +5% Voeld viability and 530 XP for your troubles.


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