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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Behind Enemy Lines

Nathan Garvin

Visit Kaetus and hell tell you about an ominous threat that may yet linger on Kadara (left). Find a sacked shuttle and a victim will identify the perpetrators (right).

After completing “A People Divided”, “Precious Cargo” and optionally “Night on the Town”, you’ve worked through as much of Reyes’ questline as you currently can, and in so doing have improved your standing and reputation around Kadara Port. At least, from one angle. Still, the Outcasts might have problems they need help with, so it’d be wise to return to Outcast Headquarters and check - at some point after “Precious Cargo” SAM probably recommended talking to Kaetus, and sure enough, he’s got a job for you. Kadara Port - and Sloane’s authority - was built on the blood and broken bones of the Kett, but her victory may not be as complete as you’ve thought. Kett are bad for everybody, so you might as well agree to go see if there’s any truth to the rumors of Kett stragglers in the badlands.

Make your way to the badlands and fast travel to the Sulfur Springs Forward Station, and from there drive southeast towards the navpoint Kaetus provided. Your course is complicated by mountains, but following the road south to a fork, then east will work fine. When you reach the navpoint dismount the Nomad and head north into the wilderness to find a sacked shuttle, near which a mortally wounded Angara rests. Talk to the Angaran Trader and he’ll confirm the presence of Kett raiding parties on Kadara, and point you in the right direction.

Scan and follow a series of tracks (left) to find a cave, inside which Kett dwell (right).

Return south to the road and scan near the provided navpoint to find some tracks. Scan them, then drive west towards a second navpoint, where you’ll find more tracks you need to scan. The third set of tracks are to the west, southwest, so drive there and scan this final set of tracks to get a fourth navpoint, this one pointing to where the Kett are hiding. Drive south past an outlaw camp to find a rather massive cave, which you should enter to find a door.

Open the door to find the Kett camp beyond. There are a number of Kett beyond, but fortunately you’ll have a bit of support from Kadara Port - Sloane Kelly and Kaetus themselves, but none of their goons. “She who cannot dissimulate cannot reign”, eh? After a rather hostile encounter you’ll be thrust into an encounter with the Kett, including two Anointed, two Destined and numerous Chosen. Put them down to complete this quest, which will earn you 73 AVP, +5% Kadara viability and 530 XP.

Before you leave, loot the Kett camp for various goodies. The cavern splays out in two directions - if you explore to the southeast you’ll find four containers and a Lithium node. The eastern branch of the cavern is less lucrative, but you can still nab an Iridium deposit. Finally, consider chatting with Sloane Kelly before leaving, who isn’t any more friendly now than she was before.


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