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Task - Kadaras Ransom

Nathan Garvin

This quest starts when you find a randomly-spawning Datapad “Outcasts and Collective” in an unmarked Outcast camp on Kadara. Read it to find out that the Collective have captured an Outcast operative, and are trying to ransom them. Of course, SAM vacillates between being omnipotent and useless as the needs of quests demand, and in this case, the same AI that can hack long-dormant technology beyond easy comprehension can’t ascertain the location of a navpoint from a datapad without more help. You’ve played this game before, this quest, like so many others, requires you to pillage unmarked Outcast camps across Kadara in search of randomly spawning Datapads.

Clear out various outlaw/Outcast/Collective camps (left) and read randomly-spawning Datapads (right).

Find three such Datapads to figure out the scheme being played here - some third party is taking a dangerous gamble by trying to ransom both the Collective and the Outcasts, goad them into fighting, after which they can swoop in and pick up the pieces. The location of this set-up will be revealed when you pick up enough Datapads, and it just so happens to be east, northeast of the Sulfur Springs Forward Station.

Destroy the explosives around the ruse camp (left) then read the schemer's datapad (right) and claim the stolen loot for yourself.

As you approach the navpoint you’ll find a camp, which is apparently abandoned. You may face an Adhi lurking about, but more dangerous are the the Area-Denial Mines planted about, along with other “Explosive Materials”. Keep your scanner and and shoot everything that looks suspicious from a safe distance and make your way into the camp. There are plenty of bodies lying about - both human and Angaran. Check out the Datapad “Message for Narisse” near a corpse to learn what happened. So close, but it’s a winner-take-all game, and since nobody is left standing… yoink! This loot will be better served in Initiative hands, anyways. For opportunistically making away with the ill-gotten gains of dead men you’ll earn 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability and 270 XP. Speaking of robbing dead men, search inside the shipping crate before you leave to find a rather generous container - presumably the actual goods the fake-ransomer meant to make off with.


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