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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Sleeping Dragons

Nathan Garvin

Trouble in Hydroponics

Make your way to the bottom floor (the Common Area) of the Docking Bay section of the Nexus, specifically to the southwestern corner of the level, where you’ll find some protesters having a confrontation with Nexus security. Talk to a Turian guard named Sirakus to get a brief on the situation, then talk to an orange-haired abomination of a protester named Rhys to hear the protester’s side of the situation. Their families remain stuck in stasis, and your choice of outpost type on Eos (whatever it may have been) has delayed their ongoing stint as popsicle impersonators. They’re sick of waiting, and are willing to threaten hydroponics - the life’s blood of the Nexus, and hence the Andromeda Initiative - to get their family members thawed out, resource scarcity be damned.

Talk to some malcontents outside the Vortex (left) then meet with the Nexus leadership and make a decision about how to deal with them (right).

Siding with the Protesters

Return to Operations and talk to Kandros, who will summon the other leaders of the Initiative to talk things over. Simply put, you have a choice: side with the protesters and prove the effectiveness of their blackmail tactics by saying “We have a whole planet!”, then “No. The protesters are right.” Afterwards, head to Addison’s Office and use a Pod Control console to awaken the protester’s family members from stasis. The orange-haired monster will thank you, after which everybody lives happily ever after.

If you side against the angry colonists, shame them into staying or let them leave (left). On the other hand, if you pull their relatives out of cryo, theyll naturally be much happier (right).

Cracking Down on the Protesters

On the other hand, side with the leaders of the Initiative - who for once are one mind about something - by saying “You’re right.” followed by “You’re right. End the protest.”. Make your way back to the Docking Bay, where Ryder will have to put the pretty face of the Pathfinder on an authoritarian policy. Fortunately, any doubts you may have had about the necessity of force will be mitigated by the protester’s escalation. Respond how you want, guilt-tripping the orange-haired protester will keep him on the ship (for what that’s worse) while calling his bluff will see him walk. However you manage to defuse the situation, you’ll end up with some XP and 73 AVP. Not bad for simply walking around and chatting a bit, no?


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