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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Task - Missing Scientists

Nathan Garvin

Searching for the Research Vessel

Head back to the Bridge and activate the Galaxy Map (hold [Triangle]/[Y]), then zoom out to the Heleus Cluster view (press [Circle]/[B]), where you’ll see all of the currently charted solar systems you can travel to… as of now, only four. You’ll get to scanning all these systems shortly, as it’s a task that’ll reward you with XP and resources at only the cost of some time, but first, select the Eriksson system and travel to it. Once there, hold down the [L2]/[LT] button to start your scanner and follow the arrow that appears on the reticle until you find an anomaly, then press [R2]/[RT] to deploy a probe.

Scan the Eriksson system for anomalies to find a Starship Wreckage (left) then fly in for a closer look to confirm the fate of the scientists (right).

Upon deploying the probe you should discover some Starship Wreckage, which you can select by pressing [X]/[A] to haphazardly pilot the Tempest into the danger and get a closer look at the research vessel. The news isn’t good, but at least you can scan the vessel to get 50 Remnant Research Data points.

Tempest Scanning

Now that that task is done you can return to the Nexus at your leisure… but first, note the other planets awaiting discovery in the Eriksson system. You’re a pathfinder… there seem to be quite a few paths worth following, who knows, maybe you’ll… find something? Scanning other systems is quite simple, just travel to them and start things off by scanning the system itself for anomalies, launching a probe to scan them, then close in for your reward. One there are no more extra-planetary anomalies, fly to each planet, scan them for anomalies, launch probes if you detect anything, then reap rewards. It really is just free resources and XP. A full list of systems, planets, and what you can plunder from them can be found in the “Space Exploration” section of the guide.

Doctor Aridanas Next Task

Hold off on your scanning for a moment longer, however, and instead return to the Heleus Cluster view and select the Zheng He system to fly back, then select the Nexus and put into port again. Back on the Nexus - Common Area you’ll find that the place is a bit more lively since your last visit. Indeed, after your first trek through the dark you skipped right to the Tempest after traveling back here. There are a few new shops to explore and perhaps some DLC swag to claim, but that can wait for a bit.

Instead, make your way back to the tram and ride back to the Operations area and talk to Doctor Aridana. Curiously she doesn’t raise so much as a peep about the crew she sent you after… the sterile report SAM logged must have been good enough. She does, however, have a new task for you to accept, so indulge her to start the quest “Task - The Model of the Spheres”. Access the console to well and truly start the task, after which… well, you’re already on the Nexus. Why not finish up some more quests, now that you won’t be pestered by cutscenes and the Tempest?


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