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Nathan Garvin

The promise of Andromeda was ultimately a blank slate; a dream that took many forms for the menagerie of sapient races that made up the Andromeda Initiative. Escape from tedium, from political and social troubles, from the established order, or just the mundanity of the familiar, the desire to explore, to go where no one has gone before, to make your mark. Andromeda was a place for dreamers, explorers, the curious, and the malcontent. In 2185 numerous Ark ships, loaded with their thousands of aspiring colonists, left their ancestral Milky Way galaxy behind in search of that virgin canvas that was the Andromeda galaxy.

600 years later your adventure begins in Andromeda. After events on a tarnished “golden world” go awry you find yourself in the role of Pathfinder. Your job is pretty simple: investigate the golden worlds, find out why they’ve lost their luster, investigate the nature of the mysterious Scourge that pollutes the Heleus cluster, and seek allies in the fight against a hostile alien race. Perhaps it’s not so simple, after all. In any event, you’re the pioneer who will determine the success or failure of the entire Andromeda Initiative - and returning to the Milky Way is not an option.

This quest-based guide will help you survive your many trials as Pathfinder, and while you’re meant to follow the guide largely chronologically, many quests can be completed in whatever order you wish (especially the quests found in the “Exploring” planets sections and “Companion Quests” section). The main questline and Nexus and Tempest-related quests and encounters will be detailed in the guide’s main chapters, but your role as Pathfinder includes more than merely staving off external threats to the Andromeda Initiative; you also have to make a home in the Heleus Cluster. To this end, optional quests you can undertake to improve the viability of various planets will be detailed in their own sections, as will companion-related quests that will earn you the loyalty - and perhaps affection - of said companions.

Following this guide will help you complete every main story mission, help point out new quests and companion interactions at regular intervals, complete all the sidequests and raise every planet’s viability to 100%, defeat all the architects, solve every Remnant puzzle and explore every system in the Heleus Cluster.

If you have any questions or feedback, please direct them to either [email protected] or [email protected]

Nathan “Haeravon” Garvin (author) and Claire Farnworth (Editor-in-Chief)


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  • Publisher
    Electronic Arts
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    PC, PS4, XB One
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    Action RPG
  • Guide Release
    16 February 2017
  • Last Updated
    7 December 2020
  • Guide Author
    Nathan Garvin

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Sent on a 600 year voyage to the next galaxy, you are the Pathfinder, the one selected to lead your race as you discover and colonize new worlds. To survive in this harsh new reality, you must quickly learn to co-exist with other races in Andromeda, and unlock the mysteries of the galaxy itself, in order to ultimately decide the fate of humanity. Inside the guide you will find:

  • A detailed explanation of the main missions.
  • Complete coverage of every side quest and area you can discover.
  • Planetary guide coverage.

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