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Fact or Fiction

Nathan Garvin

After completing the quest “Meet the Family”, talk to an Angara named Ari Vesjek to begin this quest. You’ll find him in Techiix Station, near the entrance, in a building to the north. He’ll chat about history before finally getting to the point and ask you to help preserve an important bit of Angaran history - information about first contact with the Kett. So begins the quest “Fact or Fiction”, which requires you to complete, or at least advance, “Remove the Heart”.

Completing the quest is preferable, but at the very least you must breach the Kett base and disable the three Kett Generators. You goal is a large, multi-level structure with a Turret on a balcony overlooking the northern end of the base. In this base you’ll find a Kett Generator, numerous containers and, yes, a Console in the southwestern corner of the building’s upper floor with a Console containing the information that Ari Vesjek wants.

Talk to Ari Vesjek at the Techiix Station and he'll request you go acquire some Kett logs (left). Sabotage some consoles at the main Kett base on Voeld (right).

Interact with the Console to find out that you’ll need to disable a security matrix to get at the data you need. Nothing can ever be simple, eh? Return downstairs to the bottom level, head down some more stairs to the north to return outside, then continue north until you find a doorway leading to a structure to the west. Enter this building and SAM will warn you about the defensive matrix you need to destroy, and the risk of being too… indiscriminate with your destruction.

This isn’t anywhere near as complicated as it might seem, just scan the support column opposite the doorway to identify a Critical Subsystem , then follow the conduits on the ground to nearby supports you can scan to identify the other two Critical Subsystems . Scan all three, then disable them to take down the security matrix, which is worth 530 XP.

Extract data from the console (left) then return with the information Ari Vesjek request and help him determine how to handle the unwelcome truths they reveal (right).

Once done, you now have merely to claim that data you came here for. Make your way to the southern-most building of the base, inside of which is a previously-sealed door which you can now open. Before you bother with the door on the ground floor, however, climb up onto the roof of this building to find another door to the south, inside of which are several containers to loot and a Kett Core Encryption Tech pylon you can scan. Doing so will net you 270 XP and complete the sub-objective “Kett Base Attack”. Return to the ground floor and go through the previously-ignored door, where you’ll find more containers to loot and a Computer you can hack to finally get the precious intel Ari Vesjek desires.

With this intel in hand, return to Techiix and talk to Ari Vesjek, who will threaten to violate the integrity of history by omitting the data you found. Be a warrior for the truth, or allow Ari Vesjek to smother truth with a pillow to preserve his feels. Either way, you’ll earn 530 XP.


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