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Task - Roekaar Manifestos

Nathan Garvin

Another one of Havarl’s many fetch quests, this one begins any time you discover a Roekaar Datapad in the wilderness. Like the Unearthed Remnant Devices in the quest “Task: Unearthed” they’re unmarked, but unlike them, there aren’t excess ones - you’ll have to find them all to complete the quest.

  • In the large trench that splits Havarl’s operational area, search the northern end of the trench until your progress north is blocked by sheer Remnant walls. At this point the trench will turn west for a bit, but more interesting is the cave to the east, inside of which you’ll find the Remnant Datapad “Hope” , as well as a Mineral Cache, and an Angaran Integrated Tech Node. Well worth exploring, even without this quest.

You'll find Roekaar Manifestos near the bridge across Havarl's trench (left) and in the Roekaar camp along the eastern edge of the Havarl operational zone (right).

  • Advance the quest “A Dying Planet” and recover Zorai’s Heirloom, after which you’ll find a bridge spanning the large trench that divides Havarl’s operational zone. Cross the bridge to reach some stairs, which you can ascend to find the Remnant Datapad “Fire” on a crate.
  • At the eastern end of Havarl’s operational zone you’ll find a Roekaar camp, in the upper reaches of with are three buildings. Search the northern-most one to find the Roekaar Datapad “Invasion” .
  • At the eastern end of Havarl’s operational zone you’ll find a Roekaar camp, in the upper reaches of with are three buildings. Search the southern-most one to find the Roekaar Datapad “Conquerors” .
  • This datapad can be found at Thaldyr’s Home, which itself is northeast of the Pelaav Research Station. To get this you may have to start the quest “Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?”, as you’ll need to get into Thaldyr’s Home. After dealing with Thaldyr, search a table inside the house to find the Roekaar Datapad “Truth” .
  • To find the sixth and final datapad you’ll have to complete the quests “A Dying Planet” and “Cross-Cultural Alliances”, after which you can start the quest “Overgrown”. After you scan the Mutated Eiroch, search the Roekaar camp to find a datapad pointing you to another camp, which is in the northwestern corner of the section of the Havarl operational zone beyond the trench. In this camp - which does not exist before starting this quest - you can find the Roekaar Datapad “Legacy” on a crate.
    For all this work you’ll be rewarded with a mere 270 XP.


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