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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Ryder Family Secrets (Havarl)

Nathan Garvin

Memory Triggers on Havarl

This quest starts automatically on the Nexus, after you first meeting with the Initiative leadership. After Eos you’re able to have a chat with your sibling to advance things further, and following that your next goal is to visit planets and seek out Memory Triggers… which are scattered about for the sake of collectibles, or something. There are three Memory Triggers you can find on Havarl:

  • Northeast of the southern-most monolith, southeast of the Forward Station east of the Pelaav Research Station you’ll find a Turian encampment. Search the southern end of the camp to find this Memory Trigger.
  • During the quest “A Dying Planet” you’ll have to ascend a Remnant structure, Mithrava, atop which you’ll meet with First Sage Esmus. After you’re done talking to him make your way to the eastern edge of Mithrava to find a Memory Trigger near a statue.
  • To find this Memory Trigger you’ll have to advance the quest “A Dying Planet” until you’re searching for the third monolith with Taavos. After he opens the way to a hidden cave, ride a Gravity Well down to a lower chamber and search to the north of the Gravity Well to find this Memory Trigger near cluster of stalagmites.

You can find a Memory Trigger in the Turian camp (left) and in the caves Taavos leads you to (right).

Interact with SAM node to watch a memory of your fathers meeting with a mysterious benefactor (left) then listen to his logs to pick up a lead on this benefactor (right).

The Garson Conspiracy

Interact with all three of the Memory Triggers on Havarl and - wonder of wonders! - you’ll unlock another memory in the SAM node on the Hyperion. One planet, one memory. Funny how that seems to work. Return to the Nexus at your leisure and pay SAM a visit to watch this new memory and advance this quest a bit further.

To fill in the gaps, be sure to visit your father’s quarters next door and listen to his logs, specifically the entry “Benefactor” and subentry “Meeting with benefactor”, which will prompt you to ask Tann about this so-called benefactor. This, of course, will prompt Tann to bring up Jien Garson, the only benefactor of the Andromeda Initiative he claims to know about.

After the conversation with Tann, head over to main floor of the Operations level and enter the northeastern most room, where you’ll find a Security Footage display. Check the entry “Garson investigation [CLOSED]”, which will contradict Tann’s claims, making him either a liar, or ignorant. You won’t know which until you go check out the scene yourself.

Scan the room Jien Garsons body was found in (left) then listen to her secret message on the Garson VI in the Cultural Center (right).

Ride back to the Docking Bay level, head upstairs and make your way south through Hydroponics to the apartments. Enter the second (middle) apartment to the east and scan some holograms near (and on) the bed. After making a startling discovery, turn west and scan a section of wall to the south, revealing a hidden door. Open the door and enter the small room beyond, inside of which you’ll find two Datapads, one of which contains an audio recording of Jien Garson just before her death.

Listen to the datapad and obtain the code therein, then make your way across the level to the Cultural Center and interact with the Garson VI. Pick the option “Secret Message” to hear more about this conspiracy, which involved your father and “something big” back in the Milky Way. After hearing this message the quest will go dormant again until you interact with more Memory Triggers, but you’ll gain 530 XP for your trouble.


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