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The Lost Scout

Nathan Garvin

Start this quest by talking to an Angaran woman named Haana in the warehouse near the outdoor hangar of the Resistance Base - in the northwestern corner of the Resistance Base, to be more precise. She’ll have been arguing with her companion, Raabar, and will insist that a companion of theirs - Mashal - is still alive. She was last seen at a Kett weapon’s depot, which Mashal risked her life to destroy, and while they’re too busy to go looking for her (even more-so considering her survival is a long-shot anyways), you are under no such restriction.

Talk to Haana at the Resistance Base to find out about her friend Mashal (left), then scan the ruins of the weapon's depot she destroyed (right).

The Kett weapon’s depot - which may possibly also be serving as Mashal’s tomb - lies southeast of the Resistance Base, or southwest of Hjara Station. Find the still-burning remains of the shattered depot on the slopes of some snowy cliffs and scan the ruins of a Kett Drill near a futilely pumping piston. After scanning this device, ascend the cliffs to the south to find an entrance to the ruined weapons depot.

Head south into the structure and note a door to the west, beyond which you’ll hear Mashal talking. Unfortunately, however, the door is sealed. Scan a conduit on the ground then follow the conduit south through a door, then east to some rubble. Smash the rubble with powers, weapon fire, or melee attacks, then continue following the conduit to a console. Activate the console to open the door behind which you hear Mashal. On your way back, consider looting two Iridium nodes, but leave the malfunctioning Kett devices alone, as they’re at best a waste of time.

Destroy a weak section of wall to reach a generator (left) which will power a door and reveal a somewhat deranged Mashal (right).

Open the door Mashal hides behind to find her… doing questionable things to a Kett. Either put an end to her fun with a bullet, or let her keep playing with the Kett. Regardless of what you choose, return to Haana and give her an update to earn 270 XP.


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