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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Stage a Rescue

Nathan Garvin

More Mining Zones

When you’re done stomping around Hjara Station, return to the Nomad. There are two ways you can proceed; you can head northwest and north around the mountains Hjara Station is built into to find a Mining Zone, then turn east to reach the third Forward Station, or you can drive east from the second Forward Station (the one near Hjara Station). Or, do the best of both worlds by driving north first and depleting the Mining Zone up there, then return to the Forward Station near Hjara Station. From the Forward Station near Hjara Station drive east and slightly south until you find another Kett camp. Clear the camp, then search it for Angaran corpses or Angaran bugs to scan, if any, after which continue driving along a trail to the east.

If youre willing to drive… creatively… you can find more rare minerals at a Mining Zone past a bridge (left). Drive onto a frozen lake to deploy another Forward Station (right).

Shortly on the trail will lead to a bridge, before which the trail splits. If you cross the bridge you’ll find some mountains which serve as the site of a Mining Zone. If you want to scratch out the Eezo and Platinum deposits here (you do), you’re going to want to switch the ol’ Nomad into six-wheel drive mode, as you’ll need to traverse some pretty gnarly slopes to get into the best spots.

When you’re done plundering Voeld’s native resources (hey, better you than the Kett!) return to the western side of the bridge and follow the tracks leading down under the bridge. The tracks will lead north to a frozen lake before turning east again, at which point ignore the road and continue northeast to find the third Forward Station.

Liberating the Labor Camp

Let the Forward Station replenish the life support systems on the Nomad and your hardsuit, then drive northeast around the high ground and follow a trail to the north to reach the labor camp. There are numerous Kett guarding the place, including Chosen, Anointed and the odd Wraith and Destined. Exterminate them, but don’t get drawn too deep into the camp, as more Kett will arrive via dropship… multiple waves, in multiple dropships, in fact. The last waves of Kett resistance will land on a platform along the northeastern edge of the camp, after which you’ll be free to loot whatever they dropped, then explore the central structure where you’ll find some containers and a terminal with entries that hint at the dark purpose behind the abduction of the Angara.

Defeat multiple waves of Kett at the labor camp (left) then free the Angara captives (right) to earn Evfras trust.

When you’re done looting the camp, free the four prisoners, then wait for Niilj to get into position so you can talk to him. Despite being appropriately thankful, the Angara resistance fighter isn’t done asking you for favors, as he’ll continue to impose by requesting that you take a data drive full of Kett intel to Niilj’s sister, Buxil, who can be found in Techiix.

After he’s done talking you’ll be congratulated again by Jaal, who will show up at Ryder’s request if he’s not already with you. Your feats on Voeld will surely be enough to convince Evfra that you’re trustworthy and you’ll be given the choice to either go chat with Evfra now, or see to your unfinished business on Voeld. In the former case, you’ll be continuing with the superquest “A Trail of Hope” and its constituent quests, while in the latter case the quest “Stage a Rescue” will end and “Meet the Family” will pick up after it. It doesn’t really matter what you say, you can do whatever you please after responding to Jaal. For the sake of continuity, however, the guide will proceed with “A Trail of Hope” and its related quests.

Either way, after you liberate the labor camp you’ll get a sizable injection of XP, 72 AVP and +5% Voeld viability. Slowly but surely, Heleus becomes more hospitable for humanity… and those other freaks, too.


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