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All Flame Shrines and Sanctum Sparks in the Springlands - Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Sparks are an important part of the progression system in Enshrouded. The resource is used to upgrade the Flame Level at the Flame Altar as you progress through different biomes. So, to help your progression, we are here to detail where you can find all the Flame Shrines and Sanctums in the Springlands biome of Enshrouded, the first biome in the game.

Here is where you can find all the Flame Shrines and Sanctums in the Springlands Region of Enshrouded.

All Flame Shrines and Sanctum Sparks in the Springlands - Enshrouded

In total, there are eight different Flame Shrines and Sanctums in the Springlands. This means there are a minimum of eight Sparks you can collect from this biome. There are four to the south of the biome, with another four at the top of the biome. We recommend you be at least level 7 before you start venturing towards the north side of the Springlands due to the enemies you will face in the wilderness, or those guarding the locations being around that level. Meanwhile, the ones in the south are free pickings, as you’ll find them naturally around level 3, through journal exploration and POIs, or through main story-related quests.

Below are the maps of all locations of the Springlands Flame Shrines and Sanctums. Feel free to tab back into our game and place custom markers on the map to the approximate locations of each one.

Here are the four locations of the Sparks in the southern Springlands.

The first set you can get your hands on requires you to be around level 3. The easiest one to get your hands on is the southeast flame shrine on the image above. Simply fly down from the eastern ledge of your tutorial base quest, and you can find it near the rock formation and a Flintstone pit.

The one to the far west of the image is up a small mountain path. You will need the Grapple Hook to bypass the small scaffolding area near your tutorial base quest, then follow the pathways sticking as close to the mountainside as possible without entering the Shrouded areas. You’ll eventually follow the trail leading up to the Flame Sanctum

The one on the middle west side of the image is a Shrine located in between small gaps in the mountain. From the Flame Sanctum listed above, we recommend going towards the farm POI to the north of it, then traveling directly east from it. You should come across gaps in the mountain near some wolves to reach this point.

Finally, the last Flame Shrine is near the Ancient Vault - Blacksmith. Head to the ruin entrance of the Ancient Vault, then look left to find a grass path leading up the hillside to reach this location. You can access the Blacksmith Vault by traveling south from the tower, or going over the bridge north of your tutorial base with the Grappling Hook then walking up the hill.

Northern Springlands Flame Shrines and Sanctums

We recommend being level 7 before venturing for these four Flame Shrines in the northwest side of the Springlands.

Starting with the northwest Flame Sanctum, you can find this building hidden behind a curved formation in the hill. Fly northwest from the Flame Sanctum, then follow a dirt road west from the farming village of Westcott. You should eventually see this location as long as you follow the nearby roads.

Next up are the two Flame Shrines north of the Springlands Spire. The first one you should go to is north, northwest of the Springlands Tower. Fly over in that direction, go over the tress in the distance, then land at the shrine near a dirt road at the edge of the cliff, next to the POI village called Ferndale.

Now return back to the Tower, then fly north, northeast. In about a 300 meter distance, you’ll begin to fly over a large hill with its slope descending down towards the shroud on its northern side. The Shrine is at the top of this hill mound.

The final Springlands Flame location is to the northeast of the Springlands. Continue traveling in the direct of the last Flame Shrine and explore on foot, avoiding the Hill of Scavengers and the Mistbury Catacombs. When you reach the Mistbury Catacombs, travel east, and stick to the cliffside. You’ll come across a few Vukah guards at the Sanctum that you need to beat. Once they are beaten, access the Sanctum and get the final Springlands Spark!

If you have successfully found them all, you will get the achievement, Spark of the Springlands.

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