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How to Get Wood Planks in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

To get Wood Planks in Enshrouded, you’ll first need to unlock the Table Saw. When you acquire this item as part of your Carpenter’s craft quest, you will be able to make Wood Planks in Enshrouded. This guide will help you get the Table Saw and show you how to craft Wood Planks.

How to Make Wood Planks in Enshrouded

To make Wood Planks in Enshrouded, you will need to complete the Carpenter’s quest: Table Saw for the Carpenter. This quest has several stages to complete it, requiring you to do the following:

  1. Visit Thornhold, and loot all chests in the market square.
  2. After looting all the chests, you’ll get a POI update that takes you up the road towards wagons.
  3. From the wagons, go to the POI in the north called Fawnsong Frontier.
  4. Defeat the Scavengers in the location, and then loot the Table Saw Blades on a wagon near the bridge to the boss at the northern tip of the camp.

You will find the Circular Tablesaw Blades on the back of a wagon near the boss of Fawnsong Frontier. Take them back to your base, craft the table saw, and then you can start making Wood Planks.

When you have the Circular Blades, you can now return to the Carpenter and begin crafting the Table Saw. To do so, you need the following items:

  • 8x Wood Logs
  • 10x Nails
  • 1x Circular Sawblades

Once you have the Table Saw, feel free to place it wherever is required, and then interact with the machine. From there, you can insert Wood Logs, and then turn them into Wood Planks. With your newly acquired Wooden Planks, you should begin to make improved Storage Chests, alongside furniture like Beds, Tables, Chairs, Benches, and other props around your base. You can also get lucky and loot Wood Planks from smashing destructibles in the Nomad Highlands, Revelwood and Kindlewastes, as those vases tend to drop construction materials or biome equivalent resources.

After placing your Table Saw, you can begin crafting Wood Planks in Enshrouded.

Remember that Wood Planks only require Wood Logs, which is the basic wooden material you get from cutting down trees in the Springlands and Low Meadows. You get Palm Wood Logs from the Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes, while Hardened Wood comes from the evergreen tress in the Revelwood. You will need these wood planks for different furniture pieces as you unlock more and more recipes, alongside Wood Planks. This concludes everything you need to know about how to get and make Wood Planks in Enshrouded.

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