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XP Farms: Mining & Combat

Craig Robinson

Leveling up in Enshrouded is an important part of the game’s progression. The higher your level, the more damage you deal, the more HP you acquire, and new levels of weapon and armor drops or crafts become available. Yet, you’ll find that some of the leveling in this game can take some time, and you start to notice the enemies you’re supposed to fight to get harder and harder. To help counteract this, we’ve decided to include the best ways to get XP in Enshrouded if you need that little pick-me-up.

A list of ideas and suggestions to farm XP in Enshrouded more actively for those needing to play catchup to new enemies. Image via Keen.

Different XP Farms in Enshrouded

For the most part, we recommend the following methods.

  1. Mining Farm
  2. Dense combat locations

We’ll go into more detail with mining farms first, with the next section focusing on combat locations.

We advise these farming methods are done as places to go when you’re in the area for other reasons, such as completing a quest. You can also log out and back in to reset the world to get your favorite farms to respawn. If you do have a favorite farm, feel free to create a Flame Altar near the location so you can easily access that farm. Don’t place it too close though, as the boundary will prevent things from respawning in that area.

Also, keep in mind that the these XP farms are to supplement your leveling. Continue to complete quests, read notes and journals to get more quests, and explore, as that is your main bulk of leveling.

Enshrouded Mining XP Farms

The mining farm is fairly efficient as you can get quite a consistent stream of XP in the right places. The XP only goes higher when you find good mines or use more reliable mining picks you get via the Blacksmith upgrades as you play through the game. The reason is that you spend less time chipping away, getting nothing and ultimately wasting your Stamina. It is worth noting that the standard metals and ore take around 4 swings o extract ore, making them ineffecient farms, while the lighter mininig minerals are much easier to get, and are more exp effecient per swing. You’re looking at around 40 XP per stamina bar for Flintstone, which is not bad, albeit slightly tedious. You’re looking at potentially 50 XP for Copper Ore since it gives you 9 XP per mine, while Clay grants 4 XP per mine, giving you about 60 per mine since it pops more often than Copper or Flint. If you mine Amber, you get around 30 XP per mine and it often is fairly easy and in very large deposits. Meanwhile, Sulfur is the best with its 10 XP per mine, and you get 1 Sulfur every swing. Yet, Sulfur is only available from the final Biome in the game, the Kindlewastes desert.

(1 of 2) You can find a Flint Mineshaft to the side of the Flame Shrine southeast of Longkeep.

You can find a Flint Mineshaft to the side of the Flame Shrine southeast of Longkeep. (left), Head inside the mine, and you’ll find several large Flint deposits you can easily mine out. (right)

From then on, you have a few options to farm. If you’re an early-level player, you can mine the Flintstone Mine Shafts. There’s one next to the Flame Shrine directly southeast of Longkeep. Go down the shaft, find a large clump of Flintstone on its multiple scaffolding levels, and then mine till it gets awkward to mine from that spot.

If you’re around level 7-13, Copper Ore is something you should be looking more into. Players can find a large Copper Deposit on the Low Meadows side of the Pillars of Eternity. It is the name of the mountain range at the very northeast corner of the zone. Set up a Flame Alter near the Wolf den, and you can fast travel to this location whenever the server resets and mine the now respawning Copper Ore from the mountain side. You’ll also get Limestone here too, which is a rather rare type of stone for future crafting.

Follow this route from the Revelwood Spire to the large mine POI for a mixture of Cooper, Clay and combat XP sources.

If you’re at a slightly higher level, say 10-13, then you should be able to enter the Revelwood directly north of the Springlands. From the Revelwood Spire, glide left towards the large cliffs. You’ll find plenty of Clay and Copper deposits to mine. From there, continue pathing west to the POI known as the Mark of Sameth, which is a large overworld dungeon with mineshafts and enemies to fight. This helps blend the mining and the fighting XP so you can have a fun farming route that blends the various recommended XP methods. If you need more general assistance with other Copper Ore farms. Feel free to check out our Enshrouded Copper Ore locations guide. On another note, its worth letting on that the Mrk of Sameth does have a Repair Anvil at the back of the lower mine behind the rubble. Use this to repair your pickaxe and mine all major Cooper Ore deposits from Sameth for a truck load of Copper!

It is worth noting you can also mine Salt in the Springlands for XP. However, Salt is often only mined in the Enshrouded, and therefore we don’t recommend it due to the added layer of danger and timers. You can look into Salt farm locations on our dedicated guide if you’re interested in that anyway for crafting purposes.

When it comes to mining Amber, we are only aware of one location. You need to head to the Elixir Well in the northwest of the Revelwood, clear it out, and then mine the large Amber mound in the room between the Well entrance and the Root Tree. You should be able to mine this mound out entirely with two pickaxes.

Tin is another ore you can can find from limited overworld areas in the Nomad Highlands, an in the shrouded areas of Nomad. We have a more detailed guide on where to find tin ore in Enshrouded here if you’re interested. The other mining material is Fossilized Bone, which you can min from the giant bone piles around the Highlands and to some extent in the Kindlewaste.

In the final biomes, you can get Iron Ore, Lapis Lazuli, and Sulfur. Sulfur is the yellow mineral, being the final zone’s equivalent to Clay. Meanwhile, Iron Ore is located in the Shroud of the final zone. Lapis Lazuli is also considered a 4 hit to mine ore, but it’s found very frequently as an overworld mining source in the Kindlewastes, buried in cliffs and pits.

Combat XP Farms in Enshrouded

It is worth mentioning that Combat is going to be your main and steady way of getting XP. While you explore, you will come across dungeons and other POIs with hostiles in them. For XP efficiency, you want areas that are fairly dense with mobs.

Killing bosses offer quite a large sum of XP compared to the average mob at that level.

In general, an area more fitting to your level, or preferably higher level if you are using weapons that counter the enemies in the area, is the best play. Make sure you have decent combat supplies on you, and weapons that do effective damage, and it will make fighting enemies easier. Remember that this is a nice way of getting a lot of XP very quickly. Traveling between areas will lower your overall XP efficiency. Hence why mining runs provide steadier XP when you have good mining routes. However, fighting is more fun.

Most enemies you fight are either undead, shroud or beast enemies, who are weak to fire. Meanwhile, the Scavenger foes are weak to frost damage. Something to consider if you’re a spell-caster.

In terms of the Hill of Scavengers, Vukah Ceremony Hill and Glennwood’s End, you’ll find bosses in these locations. Bosses tend to award about 6x the amount of XP a normal unit has, which makes it worth beating them if you can.


  • Rookeep, below the bridge north of Longkeep - Level 3
  • Hill of Scavengers, north of the Springlands Spire - Level 7
  • Necropolis, northwest corner of Springlands - Level 7
  • Mistbury Catacombs, north of the Hill of Scavengers - Level 8

Low Meadows

  • Vukah Ceremony Hill, middle right of the Meadows - level 9


  • Willow Crush, southeast of the Revelwood accessed near the Farmer Vault in the Springlands - Level 10
  • Mark of Sameth, central west part of Revelwood - Level 13
  • Glennwood’s End, northwest tip of Revelwood - Level 15 - Be careful of the Poison Scavenger melee units. Those guys are tanky and do a lot of damage.
  • Pike - Level 18 Capital City with lots of enemies all over the place, bosses, and more.

As for the other zones, we don’t recommend mob XP farms, as the Highlands are tedious to travel across and make mob farms inefficient. The Kindlewaste sis also very large with POIs with lots of enemies few and far between. If you do farm Kindlewaste enemies, make sure its the southeast corner of the map or the Sun Temples they contain level 25-30 enemies, which grant you a lot of XP for basic enemy kills.

This concludes our Enshrouded XP Farms Guide. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what locations you should farm and grinds you can be doing if you’re focused on getting XP.

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