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Level Cap Explained

Craig Robinson

Enshrouded uses an RPG leveling system to help players progress, unlock new items, and get a feel for where they need to be. Across the five biomes, there are quite a few areas to explore, with enemies ranging from 1 all the way to level 30. Yet, each player has an Enshrouded Level Cap, with it currently capping out at level 25. It means that there will be some challenges when you reach end game. Here’s everything you need to know about the Enshrouded Level Cap and leveling system in general.

We guide you through the Enshrouded Level Cap and explain how the leveling system works in general. Image via Keen.

Enshrouded’s Level Cap and Leveling System Explained

As mentioned, the level cap in Enshrouded is level 25. As soon as you reach level 25, your experience will be cut off, and you will no longer get any XP from any XP source. To get to this point, you’re going to be doing a range of fighting, gathering, mining, exploring, and questing to get your XP in game.

How to Reach Max Level in Enshrouded

You’ll find that the vast majority of your Experience comes pretty naturally. In the early game, focus on your quests, as that is the best way to get your early XP, giving you the levels and recipes you need to start exploring properly.

From there, you’ll be in a spot to explore and complete a lot of the game’s content and gradually increase your level to around 9 for the Springlands and the Low Meadows. When you’re at that point, you can start adventuring into the lower parts of the Revelwood, where enemies are around levels 9-15. Again, continue questing, killing enemies when you can, and start mining, gathering, and exploring once again.

You get the point of how leveling in this game works. If you find that you are in an XP rut, we have some recommended XP farms in Enshrouded to try. It goes through a list of notable POIs in every region here alongside farming hotspots for mining since it can be a very good source of consistent XP if you go to the right spots, have pickaxes spare, and the stamina bar and regen to make it worth.

Again, don’t feel too lumped down in XP farms to reach the Enshrouded level cap, as you’ll get XP very naturally without thinking or trying most of the time. When you do reach the final zone, though, we do recommend running some POIs to the very southeast corner of the map, as enemies in that area are level 30. You can get around 100 XP per kill, and they are not as damage spongy as you may think, presuming you have a good build and decent weapons.

Another general tip is that XP Scrolls drop from chests, vases, and other sources of loot throughout the game. Feel free to use these, as they grant decent experience when you consume one. With that said, this about sums up all you need to know about the Enshrouded Leveling system and Level Cap. Good luck progressing through the game.

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Enshrouded is a survival game where you play the role of a Flameborn, the last hope of a dying race of Ancients and their Human allies. You’re one of the few beings who can withstand the deadly Shroud, which smothers much of the land as a pathogenic fungi. As you seek to destroy the Shroud you’ll encounter monstrous enemies that are born from it, but also other types in the form of Scavenger bandits, the Vukah warrior clan, and more. Whether you choose to focus on building your dream base, defeating some of the most difficult bosses, or exploring whimsically to your heart’s content, this guide covers all of it with the following sections:

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