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All Building Block Materials in Enshrouded

Matt Chard

There are numerous building blocks to craft with to give life to your creations in Enshrouded, but you’ll need to unlock them. This can be done by completing numerous quests scattered around Embervale, which are usually obtained by reading lore notes. Read on to find out what building blocks there are, and where you can find them.

There are numerous building blocks in Enshrouded, which allows you to put your own personal touch on your creations.

Building Block Locations

Currently, there are 31 different block types in Enshrouded. Check the table below to find out where you get them, and what you need to craft them. Note that the quest won’t reward you with the blocks, but it will lead you to the place where the block can be found thus unlocking the recipe.

Icon Name Recipe Location Quest/How to Craft
Bone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Bone Block 10x Bones Hidden Tomb north of Springlands fast-travel Searching for Hidden Tombs
Bronze_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Bronze Block 1x Bronze Bar, 5x Wood Logs Find/Craft Bronze Bars Combine copper and tin bars (Tin location)
CastleWall_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Castle Wall Block 20x Stone, 5x Dirt Mining Rift (West Nomad Highlands Spire) Fortification
CityWall_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Citywall Block 10x Stone, 2x Dirt Fawnsong Frontier A Tower to the Stars
Copper_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Copper Block 1x Copper Bar, 5x Wood Logs Find/Craft Copper Bars Find Copper Bars in the Revelwood Spire, copper ore can be found in Revelwood
Desert_City_Wall_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Desert City Wall Block 30x Sandstone Brittlebush Emily Fray’s Tavern
Desert_Temple_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Desert Temple Block 20x Sandstone, 2x Indigo Plant In a Sun Temple west of Deepcut Derelict Kindlewastes
Fancy_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Fancy Stone Block 10x Limestone, 3x Wood Planks Raven’s Keep (Defeat the Matron) In Need of a Tanning Station
Fired_Bricks_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Fired Bricks Block 10x Fired Bricks Find/Craft Fired Bricks Put Clay into the Kiln to make them (Clay Location)
Half_Timbered_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Half-Timbered Block 10x Lump of Clay, 5x Wood Logs Diadwyn Diadwyn and its Building Blocks
Highly_Polished_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Highly Polished Stone Block 30x Stone Ocean’s Heart (next to East Lapis), Kindlewastes Loom for the Hunter (East Lapis Location)
Iron_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Iron Block 1x Iron Bars, 5x Wood Logs Find/Craft Iron Bars Iron Ore Location
Limestone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Limestone Block 10x Limestone, 4x Dirt Surat’s Rest Caravan Raid
Luminsecent_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Luminescent Block 5x Stone, 5x Luminous Growth Mine Luminescent Growth Caves all over Embervale. The Abandoned Hunter Hut in the northeast of Revelwood is a good place to find some
Metal_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Metal Block 1x Metal Sheet, 5x Wood Logs Find/Craft Metal Sheets for the first time Metal Sheets require Metal Scraps and a Forge (Metal Scrap Location)
Mycelium_Overgrown_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Mycelium Overgrown Block 10x Stone, 5x Mycelium Obtain Mycelium Can be found by mining in the Shroud
Palm_Wood_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Palm Wood Block 7x Palm Wood Logs, 3x Wood Logs Obtain Palm Wood Logs Acquired by chopping trees in the Kindlewastes biome
Refined_Sandstone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Refined Sandstone Block 10x Sandstone, 2x Sand, 2x Lump of Clay, 1x Indigo Plant Obtain Sandstone Mine any of the reddish mountains in the Kindlewastes
Refined_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Refined Stone Block 10x Limestone, 10x Flintstone Chest inside the Inner Sanctuary, Revelwood (near Pillars of Creation) Finding Masonry Tools
Refined_Wood_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Refined Wood Block 15x Wood Planks, 5x Wood Logs Find/Craft Wooden Planks Crafted by placing wood logs in the Table Saw
Regular_Sandstone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Regular Sandstone Block 10x Sandstone, 2x Lump of Clay Obtain Sandstone Mine any of the reddish mountains in the Kindlewastes
Regular_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Regular Stone Block 15x Stone Ruined Bridge, Nomad Highlands Mixed Stones
Rough_Cut_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Roughly Cut Stone Block 10x Stone, 1x Rubble Netherton Ruined Netherton
Rough_Flintstone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Rough Flintstone Block 10x Flintstone Obtain Flintstone Can be mined from the deposits in the Springlands/Low Meadows
Rough_Sandstone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Rough Sandstone Block 10x Sandstone Obtain Sandstone Mine any of the reddish mountains in the Kindlewastes
Roughr_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Rough Stone Block 2x Stone Obtain Stone Mine stone near the starting area (or anywhere)
Rough_Wood_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Rough Wood Block 2x Wood Logs Obtain wood logs Chop down trees in Springlands/Low Meadows
Shroud_Wood_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Shroud Wood Block 10x Shroud Wood Obtain Shroud Wood Chop down the dead trees in the Shroud
Tarred_Wood_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Tarred Wood Block 10x Wood Logs, 5x Tar Find/Craft Tar Tar can be crafted by placing dirt and wood logs in the Charcoal Kiln
Weathered_Stone_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Weathered Stone Block 10x Stone Bramblespine Boneyard dungeon A Rumble in the Catacombs
Well_Block_Enshrouded.jpg Well Block 10x Sandstone, 5x Shroud Liquid North of the Elixir Well that is southeast of the Ancient Obelisk in Kindlewastes. Well Blocks

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