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How to Unlock the Blacksmith

Matt Chard

There are a multitude of quests in Enshrouded, with each crafting NPC possessing its own set of quests that will recompense you with significant progression items. This can be from increasing your recipe list to upgrading your Flame Altar and unlocking better recipes. These quests are a fundamental part of the game and are almost mandatory if you want to fully explore everything that Enshrouded has to offer. Unfortunately, some of these quests won’t appear at the respective crafter until you find a specific material, read a specific note, find a specific area, or complete a specific task. Read on to find out how to unlock the Blacksmith and how you can summon him.

The Blacksmith is one of five Craftspeople you can recruit in Enshrouded.

Find the Sleeping Survivor - Unlocking the Blacksmith

Before you can worry about missing his quests, you’ll first need to unlock him. One of the first quests you’ll unlock in Enshrouded is called “Find the Sleeping Survivor”. If you look at the journal, you’ll see the Blacksmith’s happy face in the rewards, unfortunately, you’ll need to explore the Shroud to get him. Head toward Braelyn Bridge to the north and you’ll find the bridge is out of action, hence the “explore the shroud” objective. To the side of the bridge is a slope leading into the Shroud, so follow it down until you get into the Shroud itself. If this is your first time in the Shroud, you’ll find a yellow bar at the top of the screen with a time limit, and you’ll die if this time elapses while you’re in the Shroud. There are ways to increase this time, but for now, it’s more than enough for what you need to do.

(1 of 4) Head to Braelyn Bridge and follow the slope down into the Shroud.

Follow the path, and you’ll soon find a Restore Time capsule next to the tent, on your left. You don’t need this now, but it’s worth remembering these exist when you explore the Shroud properly in the future. Stay on the path while heading north, and you’ll find a small cave to go through. When you exit the cave, immediately turn to the north, and go up the nearby wooden stairs where you’ll exit the Shroud. Climb the nearby climbing frame and then follow the path northwest, which will bring you to an encampment. You want to enter the building at the back, but you’ll have to go through several enemies to get there. The game will give you a stealth tutorial by hiding in the bushes, so do that if you want to be careful. Alternatively, you can run past them into the building, and interact with the chamber in the back-left corner of the room to find Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith. While you’re there, read the nearby note on the opposite side of the room and open a secret wall behind the pots to find a chest. This is directly opposite to where you got the Blacksmith.

(1 of 6) Follow the path until you reach the encampment.

How to Summon the Blacksmith

To summon Craftspeople, all you need is a Summoning Staff, and you can make one at any time from the manual crafting section for one Twig. When you have the staff, place it on your hotbar, hover over it, and press Tab-Filled. Select who you want to summon, and place them wherever you want, preferably in a shelter. You can move Craftspeople using this method whenever you want, and you won’t lose anything for doing so. If you want to relocate them, simply open up the menu and move them.

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