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Scavenger Matron Boss Guide – Enshrouded

Scott Peers

There are multiple different Scavenger Matron bosses that you can find in Enshrouded. The first one that you’re likely to encounter is at the Hill of Scavengers, which is just south of the Mistbury Catacombs, north of the starting area in the Springlands. This may even be the first boss that you encounter in the game, so it can come as a bit of a shock when you discover that it hits much harder than most other enemies so far! With that said, you can easily get to grips with how to defeat the Scavenger Matrons by learning how to avoid their main attacks. This is worth doing primarily because you’ll be facing more Scavenger Matrons throughout your journey in the different regions of Embervale, and they’re more powerful each time, but mostly with the same set of attacks. On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to make the fight as easy as possible.

Where to Find Scavenger Matrons

As mentioned above, there are several different types of Scavenger Matrons that you’ll find in Enshrouded, with the first one being located at the Hill of Scavengers in the Springlands. As a general rule, you can expect to find more Scavenger Matrons whenever you stumble upon a large camp of scavengers, so they’re not in short supply. You’ll find that this trend continues as you make your way through the Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes regions.

Scavenger Matron Head Location – Hill of Scavengers

The Scavenger Matron located at the Hill of Scavengers will probably be the one that you first loot the Scavenger Matron Head from, which you’ll need to upgrade the Flame Altar to level 2. You can see the exact location of the hill in the screenshot below, and you’ll find the boss at the top of the hill in the camp.

(1 of 2) The location of the Hill of Scavengers, south of the Mistbury Catacombs.

The location of the Hill of Scavengers, south of the Mistbury Catacombs. (left), You’ll find the Scavenger Matron at the top of the hill within the fort here. (right)

Location of Scavenger Matron at Glennwood’s End – Crucial Investigation

The next Scavenger Matron that you’ll encounter as you progress through the game is a bit more difficult to find. Almost as soon as you gain access to the Revelwood region, you’ll get the quest named A Crucial Investigation. This quest directs you to Glennwood’s End, a settlement located in the far northwest of Revelwood, which has been overrun by Scavengers.

As you’re looking for the Scavenger Matron at Glennwood’s End, you may find yourself getting lost in the basement where the prison cells are, around the point where the quest marker directs you to look. If this happens, you need to go back to the surface and make your way to the northernmost point of the settlement, as seen in the screenshot below. The Scavenger Matron can be found on the highest floor of the tallest building here, just north of the central tower in the settlement.

(1 of 2) The location of the building where you’ll find the Scavenger Matron at Glennwood’s End.

The location of the building where you’ll find the Scavenger Matron at Glennwood’s End. (left), Look for this building in the northernmost part of Glennwood’s End. The Scavenger Matron is inside. (right)

There’s actually a really easy way to defeat the Scavenger Matron at Glennwood’s End by cheesing the fight, but you’ll need plenty of arrows or another form of ranged damage, and you’ll also need some explosives (plenty of which can be looted from Scavengers, conveniently!). To see how it works, check the video below.

How to Defeat Scavenger Matrons

Now that you know where to find the first two Scavenger Matrons, and where to look for them in the later regions, we’ll move on to how you can defeat them. Thankfully (or unfortunately if you’d prefer more variation!), all of the Scavenger Matrons have roughly the same skillset, with only three main attacks that they can perform. We’ll go through each of these and explain how to avoid them below.

Acid Throw

The first attack that you’ll see the Scavenger Matron using most frequently is a kind of acid throw. You’ll notice that all the matrons have transparent containers of a green substance in pouches on their belts, and this is most likely a form of bile or acid from their stomachs. Whatever the origin, the containers will inflict massive damage as they explode if you’re hit by them, and the Scavenger Matron will spam throw these throughout the fight.

The good news is that this attack is relatively easy to avoid. You might find yourself panicking by spamming dodge-roll or sprinting away, but you can actually avoid this attack just by running (not necessarily sprinting!) in one direction around the boss whenever she throws them. The boss will always throw two lots of this stuff, landing as multiple explosions in an arc in front of her, so you can quickly become familiar with the timing of the attack.

So long as you keep moving around one side of the boss as she throws the acid, you should be able to avoid all of it with ease. If you’re still unsure or you occasionally get caught out, you can try sprinting around her instead. The key thing to remember here is that you’re more likely to be hit if you run away from the matron than if you just run around her. Dodge-rolling works too, but you’ll use far more stamina in the process, whereas running normally costs none.

Acid Vomit

This is the most devastating attack that the Scavenger Matron can perform, and she’s likely to use it whenever you get too close within melee range. The attack can easily one-shot you if you’re under-leveled or under-geared, so you can risk being hit by it at any time. Even if you fight one of the lower-level matrons with good gear, you’ll take a lot of damage from this attack.

The chances of avoiding this attack by running around the matron are much lower than doing the same for the acid throw. This is because the matron will often track your movements until the final moment at which she vomits the acid, and by that time it’ll be too late if you’re within range of the attack.

(1 of 2) You can easily avoid the Acid Throw just by running in an arc around the matron.

You can easily avoid the Acid Throw just by running in an arc around the matron. (left), You need to run far away and to the side of the matron to avoid the vomit attack. (right)

It’s for this reason that we recommend looking out for when the Scavenger Matron is about to use the vomit attack and get the hell out of there by running in the opposite direction as soon as possible. There are two main indicators for when the attack is imminent: the boss will begin to aggressively gurgle in a way that sounds different from her other noises, and she’ll remain still as her head moves backward slightly. All you need to do is listen and look for these clues to consistently recognize and avoid the attack.

Wolf Summon

This attack will only be used by the higher-level matrons, and it consists of a simple summon of wolves. You should find that the wolves come in groups of three or four, but they’re easy enough to handle so long as you take them away from the boss. The matrons will use a horn to summon the wolves, so you’ll always know when they’re coming, giving you time to step away and kill the wolves away from the matron so you don’t have to worry about her attacks at the same time.

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