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How to Get Nitrate in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Nitrate is one of the end-game crafting materials that players can make and find as they play through the Kindelwastes biome. The resource is something that players are going to need, with its capabilities of helping you create Fertilized Farm Soil, among other crafting items like explosives or spells like Shroud Meteor, for some alternative builds. Whatever you plan to use it for, here’s a closer look at how to get Nitrate in Enshrouded.

Nitrate is made mainly by crafting it from the Laboratory in Enshrouded.

Nitrate Location

Players will need to have unlocked the Laboratory to make Nitrate in Enshrouded. The Laboratory is a building part from the Alchemist, which requires you to have completed the quests for the Alchemist, and then produce one using various buildings from the Alchemist and other end-game materials. You can check out our guide on how to make the Laboratory if you still need help with that stage of progression.

When you have created the Laboratory, you can now go ahead and select the Nitrate recipe. To craft Nitrate in Enshrouded, you will need the following items:

  • 5x Sand
  • 5x Salt
  • 1x Wood Acid
  • 1x Alchemical Base

The items required to make Nitrate are spread around. Salt is typically farmed from Springlands salt mines, located in the Saline Quarry, and the Egerton Salt Mines. These are located in the Shrouded areas of the Springlands. You can find Saline directly southeast from the recommended starter base for the early-game quest, for example.

Meanwhile, Sand is a very common resource found in the Kindlewaste biome. Feel free to mine any large sand dune and get what you need very easily. On the other hand, Wood Acid is produced in a Charcoal Kiln, requiring 15 Wood Logs and 3 Dirt. Again, these are very basic materials, so you don’t need to mess around there.

The other somewhat difficult material to get your hands on is Alchemical Base. This is a material that unlocks from the Nomad Highlands. You can craft it from the Alchemy Station, another Alchemist construction piece that you begin making for his quest in Nomad Highlands. Once you have that piece, you can now craft an Alchemical Base using Shroud Liquid, Mycelium, Water and Shroud Spores. You can easily get Shroud Spores and Shroud Liquid from any Shroud location. Make sure to slap the plants and the enemies, and you’ll get these materials. Meanwhile, Mycelium is from the mushroom walls and terrain. Water is commonly found via any wells in POIs or your base.

And there you have it, you now know how to make Nitrate in Enshrouded. It is worth mentioning that players can find it randomly from the zone drops from vases. Go into Sun Temples, Flame Sanctums, and the Ancient Tower, and you can find it as random drops from the smashable vases and other props. You may even find it spawn on props too. Keep in mind that the loot tables contain any resource you acquire from that biome, so it is not reliable, though don’t expect to never see it either.

On a final note, we highly recommend keeping a supply of Nitrate. Creating Fertilized Soil will greatly improve the growing speeds of your farms. This will dramatically improve the speed you can grow Flax, for example, which you will need to make lots of Fabric and Padding for the end game craftable armor sets for your build. So, make sure to stock up on Nitrate and Fertilized Bone and build your new and improved farms!

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