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How to Make the Laboratory in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

The Laboratory is the final crafter’s quest for the Alchemist in Enshrouded. The Laboratory is a much-needed building part, required to make some very powerful end-game crafting materials, reagents, and other important items. To get this item, you have to go on a quest to find the notes leading up to the location of the Scientific Instruments, alongside crafting other various pieces of the puzzle. Here’s everything you need to know to make the Laboratory in Enshrouded.

We guide you through getting the Laboratory in Enshrouded.

How to get the Laboratory in Enshrouded

When you complete the Crafter’s quest leading to the Kindlewastes, you’ll eventually get told about the Scientific Instruments. The Scientific Instruments quest leads you through various POIs through the Kindlewastes, eventually ending at the Eldermere Dam Excavation Site. This location is directly east of the Nomad Highlands Tower. Travel directly east, and enter the shroud-filled chasm you can see in the distance. Continue to travel east and you’ll begin to arrive in an open valley with no shroud, with the excavation site built into the mountain. Look for the large birds next to the east side of the Excavation site, and you’ll find the Instruments in the nest. Be wary of the Vultures, though, as they are quite tough and numerous.

(1 of 2) You can find the Scientific Instruments in Enshrouded at the Eldermere Dig. You can find this directly east of the Nomad Highlands Tower, marked on the map.

You can find the Scientific Instruments in Enshrouded at the Eldermere Dig. You can find this directly east of the Nomad Highlands Tower, marked on the map. (left), When you arrive at the Excavation Site, look for the Birds nest to the east of the Site and the Scientific Equipment is inside the nest. (right)

When you get the Scientific Instruments, you then need to build the Laboratory. You will need several pieces for this, all of which can be built at the Alchemist or through various means in your base.

  • Athanor - crafted at the Alchemist.
    • 10 Glass
    • 10 Bronze Bars
    • 5 Lump of Clay
  • 40 Fired Bricks
  • 10 Copper Bars
  • 3 Glass

If you need any refreshers on how to make items, you can make the items as follows:

  • Fired Bricks by forging one Wood Log with one Lump of Clay in a Kiln.
  • Glass can be formed in the Smelter, which requires 30 Sand and five Charcoal.
  • Copper Bars are formed by smelting 20 Charcoal with 20 Copper Ore at the Smelter.
  • Bronze Bars are forged by smelting seven Copper Bars with three Tin Bars and 10 Charcoal. You need Tin Ore to make Tin Bars at the Smelter.

We’ve linked to each item’s best farming location of each major piece if you need to stock up on any of these base items.

What is the Laboratory used for?

When you’ve crafted the Laboratory from the Alchemist, you can now create even more end-game recipes.

When you successfully build the Laboratory in Enshrouded, you will unlock a lot of recipes. Players will now be able to craft the following items:

Item Recipe Craft Time
Enshrouded Oil x5 6x Shroud Spores, 5x Coal Powder, 5x Shroud Liquid, 1x Sulfur 2 minutes
Paperx5 1 x Wood Log, 1 Ammonia Gland 5 minutes
Spice x 10 1x Saffron, 1x Alchemical Base, 1x Camomile, 1x Rooibos, 2x Desert Flower 6 minutes
Nitrate x5 5x Sand, 5x Salt, 1x Wood Acid, 1x Alchemical Base 3:30 minutes.
Black Powder x1 7x Nitrate, 1x Sulfur, 2x Coal Powder 3 minutes.

With that said, you now have one of the most vital crafting stations in the game, allowing you to start creating end-game pieces of equipment.

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