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A Tower to the Stars – Building Blocks Location

Scott Peers

A Tower to the Stars is one of the side quests that you’ll get as you move further north, from the Springlands to the Revelwood, in Enshrouded. You’re tasked with finding the Building Blocks which are hidden somewhere at the tower in Fawnsong Frontier, a Scavenger settlement. The blocks can actually be found in a chest in the tower, but they’re difficult to locate if you don’t know where to look. On this page, we’ll guide you through how to find the chest and loot the blocks.

Where to Find the Building Blocks at Fawnsong Frontier

If you’re not familiar with the location of the Fawnsong Frontier, you can check it on your map once you have the quest selected as your active focus from the journal. It should then be highlighted, but to give you a bit of context; it’s far to the northeast of the Mistbury Catacombs, and even further northeast of the Hidden Hunting Grounds. Alternatively, you may be more familiar with the Gate to the Pillars of Creation, or the Glimmer Rock Mine, and from these two landmarks you’ll find it just to their northwest.

(1 of 2) The location of Fawnsong Frontier, northeast of the Hidden Hunting Grounds.

The location of Fawnsong Frontier, northeast of the Hidden Hunting Grounds. (left), The Fawnsong Frontier is an abandoned settlement turned into a Scavenger camp. (right)

Defeat the Scavenger Grizzler Matron Boss

Once you’re outside Fawnsong Frontier, you can either try to sneak to the tower through the foliage scattered inside the settlement or fight your way through head-on. One thing to note is that you’ll encounter a boss here known as the Scavenger Grizzler Matron, so the risk of being discovered could land you in a sticky situation not only with them, but with the much tougher enemies mentioned above, and some archers who can create explosions. It’s easy to die here with just a few swift hits from the enemies. As such, if you’re not confident in your sneaking abilities, it may be better for you to methodically clear the settlement of enemies instead.

As you move through the camp, you should be able to spot several red barrels. These are often located near groups of enemies, so they’re perfect for shooting to kill a bunch of them at once. You can either kite some enemies to them after drawing their attention, then make the shot to cause the explosion, or sneak up on them and shoot the barrels from the shadows. Either way, it’ll make things easier.

(1 of 2) You can choose to sneak your way to the tower if you wish.

You can choose to sneak your way to the tower if you wish. (left), Fighting your way through will alert the Scavenger Grizzler Matron boss on the bridge. (right)

Once you reach the bridge leading to the tower, you should see the Scavenger Grizzler Matron boss as they make their way towards you. Try to use the red barrels on the bridge to cause explosions when they pass by, and this should inflict decent damage to them before they can even reach you. Once you’ve used those, it’s a matter of keeping your distance while hitting from ranged if you want the safest possible method, especially when you consider that the boss can one-shot you with an attack that splurges poison in an arc in front of them.

To avoid this, listen out for the gurgling sound coming from the boss, and when they move their head backwards. You need to get away from this as soon as possible to avoid being hit. So long as you know how to avoid the one-shot attack by listening and looking out for the sounds, you should be able to kill the boss by moving in and out of melee if that’s your preference. However, we strongly advise that you bring a form of ranged damage in some capacity. It’ll just make your life much easier.

Location of the Building Blocks at the Tower

With the boss dead, you can focus on finding the chest that contains the building blocks. Go to the base of the tower and begin the climb. You can go to the very top to find a chest for some random loot, but this isn’t the chest you need to complete the quest. Instead, from there, go down the hole next to the chest at the top, then down the next hole, and finally down the ladder through another hole. In this part of the tower, you’ll see a wooden barricade on the northern side. Smash through this using your axe, then jump through to land on some scaffolding, where you’ll find the relevant chest containing some “Citywall Blocks”, which are exactly what you need to complete the quest.

(1 of 3) From the top of the tower, go down the hole next to the chest, then the next hole, then down the ladders.

If you still need help finding this chest, you can see the video below.

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