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Classes & Skill Tree Guide

Craig Robinson

Enshrouded has a fairly well built skill tree in the game, offering players the chance to create their own class in Enshrouded. Players will be able to spend their Skill Points on a variety of modifiers, abilities and passives to specify their playstyles. We’ll go into detail on the Enshrouded Class System and Skill Tree to help highlight the builds you can run.

We explain at a glance the Skill Tree and Class System in Enshrouded. Image via Keen.

Enshrouded Classes and Skill Trees Explained

When players get into Enshrouded, you’ll start with no specific playstyles. When you start leveling up, you will then get Skill Points, which you can then spend on getting your first set of talents, special abilities, or modifiers for the build you want to use.

In the skill tree menu, which you can open up by pressing the ‘H’ key, you can see the list of playstyles. For the most part, the classes you can play in Enshrouded are as follows:

  • Barbarian: Two-Handed Melee Weapons.
  • Warrior: One Handed DPS - Used for both classic warrior and rogue playstyles.
  • Tank: Focus on vitality and Parrying with shields and one-handed weapons.
  • Battle-Mage: Magical Wand caster.
  • Wizard: Spell modifiers for fire, frost and shock spells.
  • Healer: Focus on healing spells - Coop Class.
  • Assassin: Crit focused ranged bow build. Some modifiers for stamina and mana regen if you want to use magic or more stamina focused playstyles.
  • Ranger: Standard multi-shotting and bow damage improvement.

There are 12 classes in Enshrouded, offering distinct playstyles with certain weapon types for you to spend your skill points on.

When you go through each of these sections, you’ll find new abilities, passives, and damage multipliers that reflect the type of weapon you are using, and improves the fantasy of that Enshrouded Class. It is also worth noting there is nothing stopping you from going Battle-Mage and Wizard for that pure mage playstyle, or running Warrior and Ranger and using a combo of fighter and ranger gameplay styles.

Furthermore, the Enshrouded Skill Tree also contains a few other class archetypes that are more world immersive, which are good in very specific niches. The likes of Athlete, Survival and Beastmaster are handy for solo playing. The first two have a heavy focus on base building, while Beastmaster is somewhat role play friendly for being out and about in the world, and for exploring places like the Nomad Highlands because of the Vukah enemy type becoming passive to you.

Furthermore, there are some generic good skills, like Well Rested, that are part of the inner skill tree and don’t belong to any class. You can also get Merciless Attack if you want that overpowering playstyle for a Melee DPS class, or Sneak Attack if you want that stealthy warrior, rogue, or ranger playstyle. Make sure to grab these if that’s the core theme of your build and class identity.

How to Get Skill Points in Enshrouded

Skill Points are going to be the way you navigate through the Skill Tree in Enshrouded, and further improve your class. Leveling up is the main way you’ll get Skill Points and progress that way.

Leveling up and chopping down Shroud Trees awards Skill Points to spend on your build.

However, players can get more Skill Points by doing activities called Elixir Wells and Shroud Roots. These are the large red trees located in the Shrouded areas of each region. You can clear these areas out once per save, and get awarded several Skill Points to spend on enhancing your build. It is highly recommended to do these when you’re able to do so, as grabbing extra multipliers is very good for enhancing the power of your builds.

This about concludes the basics of the Skill Tree in Enshrouded, and the classes you can play as. If you need any more tips, feel free to follow our Enshrouded Mage build and Ranger Builds for class build ideas if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for more specific build guides, check the links below.

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Enshrouded is a survival game where you play the role of a Flameborn, the last hope of a dying race of Ancients and their Human allies. You’re one of the few beings who can withstand the deadly Shroud, which smothers much of the land as a pathogenic fungi. As you seek to destroy the Shroud you’ll encounter monstrous enemies that are born from it, but also other types in the form of Scavenger bandits, the Vukah warrior clan, and more. Whether you choose to focus on building your dream base, defeating some of the most difficult bosses, or exploring whimsically to your heart’s content, this guide covers all of it with the following sections:

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