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Ranged Assassin Build

Matt Chard

Leveling in Enshrouded is different from most games. Although you have classes, you won’t be locked into a specific class when placing your skill points. So, you may decide that you want to be a Ranger, but maybe you want that Ranger to have magic as well? In that case, you can add some skills from the various magic classes to it. However, because of the flexibility the game offers you, that can lead to less than adequate builds where you will be able to do most things, but nothing particularly well. Read on to find out what we consider to be one of the best Ranger and Assassin builds in Enshrouded.

The Ranged Assassin Build utilizes both the Ranger and Assassin skill trees, hence its name.

Enshrouded Ranger Build: Skill Trees

This build will focus purely on making the build perform the best it can be. There are a lot of “life” skills that are 100% worth taking, but it’ll cost you a lot of skill points if you get them all. These notable skills are:

  • Mason - 2 Skill Points
  • Miner - 4 Skill Points
  • Lumberjack - 2 Skill Points
  • More if you head further into the Survivor and Beastmaster trees.

If you do want these skills, and you probably will, you’ll need to remove some skills from the main build to get them. The level cap for Early Access is level 25, so you have a limited number of skill points to work with, hence the omission of the above skills. Saying that, you can respec at any time by interacting with your Flame Altar, and it’ll only cost you a handful of runes.

Central Tree

Skill Description Cost (Skill Points)
Sneak Attack Deal 10x damage to unaware enemies. Press E (default) to trigger it 3
Backstab Increase the damage you deal from behind by 25% 2
Total Skill Points 5

Sneak Attack is pretty useless outside of a few exceptions but Backstab is great against enemies who haven’t noticed you yet.

The only thing you want here is Backstab but unfortunately, you’ll need to waste three points on Sneak Attack.

Ranger Tree

Skill Description Cost (Skill Points)
Dexterity Increases Ranged Damage by 5% 1
Marksman All damage with Ranged Weapons +10% 2
Sharpshooter All Ranged Damage is further increased 20% 2
Counter Battery +15% damage to ranged enemies 2
Skill Shot Headshot damage increased by 20% 3
Eagle’s Bane +30% damage to flying enemies 3
Multi Shot 20% chance to spawn a flurry of arrows that spread slightly 3
Ranger +2 Endurance, +2 Dexterity, +5 Stamina Recharge, +5% Critical Chance, +5% Critical Damage 5
Bee Sting You can draw and use your bow while gliding. You will fall slowly 4
Total Skill Points 25

Lots of great stuff here. The Ranger skill is the standout ability, offering you a wide array of stats. The rest will increase your damage in some way or form with Multi Shot giving you a small chance to let loose some extra arrows. Although Bee Sting specifically mentions when gliding, it also works when jumping or double jumping, which makes it a lot better than what it sounds like. The Eagle’s Bane skill is fairly useless in the first couple of biomes, but it shows its worth further into the game. You could wait on this and come back to it later.

Get the skills in the order of the tree above. The main objective here is to get the Multi Shot and Ranger skills as soon as possible.

Assassin Tree

Skill Description Cost (Skill Points)
Dexterity Increases Ranged Damage by 5% 1
Airborne Gliders cost 30% less stamina 2
Endurance Increases Stamina by 10 points 1
Sniper Critical Hits with Ranged Weapons increased by 10% 2
Vitality Surge Critical Hits with Ranged Weapons restore 5 stamina 3
Dexterity Increases Ranged Damage by 5% 1
Blessed Arrows Scoring a Critical Hit will regenerate 20 mana 3
Dexterity Increases Ranged Damage by 5% 1
Bounty Bonanza Defeating a Fell enemy with a headshot rewards the party an additional 5 experience points 3
Ricochets For every target you hit with an Exploding Arrow, its damage is increased by 1% 4
Graceful Stride You will gain one dexterity for every two levels of the Flame 5
Endurance Increases Stamina by 10 points 2
Total Skill Points 28

The Assassin Tree isn’t as strong as the Ranger as there are a lot of useless abilities for the build here, but it will grant you plenty of Dexterity points, and Critical Hit chance up, so it’s well worth investing points into the tree. Especially for the Graceful Stride skill, which increases your Dexterity by one for every two flame levels. At first, this may appear a little weak, but when you start leveling up your Flame, which you need to do anyway to progress the game, it begins to shine.

The Assassin Skill tree has a lot of great passives, so the order doesn’t matter as much as the Ranger’s tree. Still, this is the order we recommend.

Survival Tree

Skill Description Cost (Skill Points)
Endurance Increases Stamina by 10 points 1
Runner Sprinting speed increased by 10% and stamina consumption decreased by 10% 2
Double Jump Allows jumping a second time while airborne 4
Endurance Increases Stamina by 10 points 1
Wanderlust Sprinting on dirt roads is reduced from 90 to 80%. Sprinting on stone roads is reduced from 75 to 50% 3
Swiftshot Sustenance 30% chance to spawn a stamina orb upon killing an enemy with a bow 2
Total Skill Points 13

The Survival Tree gives you a lot of much-needed Endurance, as you’ll be using stamina constantly. Outside the Endurance perks, Double Jump is a must for traversal, and combat especially when combined with Bee Sting, and Swiftshot Sustenance will give you a 30% chance to summon a stamina orb upon enemy death, which will regenerate your stamina when acquired.

The main thing you want to get here is Double Jump, listed as number 3. The rest can wait.

Recommended Ranger and Assassin Equipment and Consumables

A lot of this gear is level-dependent, but the theme will stay the same. You’ll need plenty of Stamina to keep your distance, as well as dodge attacks or use your Double Jump Bee Sting attacks. Then you want to increase your Dexterity to increase the damage you do. Finally, your choice of arrows will matter. You’ll start with Wood/Flint, but Copper Arrow will be your main arrows when you unlock them. Then you have Shroud and Poison Arrows which are great against groups of humans, and Fire for Shroud enemies.


Name Location
Highest Damage Bow Found as drops from enemies or inside chests.
Fell Commander Bow (Legendary) Complete the “Lost in the Shroud” quest near Pikemead’s Peak (northeast Revelwood).

For the most part, outside the first bow you can craft, you’ll be using drops you find until you reach level 20 where you can complete a quest called “Lost in the Shroud” for the Legendary Fell Commander Bow which has powerful passives. Before then though, you’ll find plenty of bows from chests that are scattered all around the world, especially spires, dungeons, and buildings in general. For the shield, choose whatever you feel comfortable with. We prefer the Ghostly Shield as it readies your shield quicker, but that comes at the cost of block reduction.

The Fell Commander Bow can be obtained by completing the “Lost in the Shroud” quest near Pikemead’s Peak.


Name Location
Scout Set (Lv 8) Crafted at the Hunter.
Archer Set Can be found as drops from enemies or inside chests.
Marksman Set (Lv 13) Crafted at the Hunter.
Ranger Set (Lv 13) Crafted at the Hunter.

The armor list is rather simple. Craft the best armor at the respective levels. You may find the Archer set while playing through the game which has some nice passives should you be so lucky to find a piece, otherwise follow the list above. Although Marksman and Ranger are of the same level, the latter is the better set outside maybe the hands, which is more subjective.


Name Location
Wood Arrows Start the game with them.
Flint Arrows Crafted when you get the Hunter.
Copper Arrows Requires a Copper Bar for the recipe to appear.
Special Arrows Loot the sacks that drop from the various Flower Spitter enemies.

You’ll use Wood Arrows until you unlock the Hunter via the main quests. When you get the Hunter, you’ll be able to make Flint Arrows. You can find Flint all over the first biome. Around the time you do the Revelwood Ancient Spire, or get to Revelwood in general, you may be lucky enough to get a Copper Bar, when you do, you’ll have access to the Copper and Copper Poison Arrows. These will be your bread and butter unless you need to use the special arrows which are good for different reasons. Shroud Arrows are great against human enemies, especially groups of them. Stun Arrows are expensive to craft but can save your life if things go bad, and Flare Arrows are great for giving you light during the nighttime.

(1 of 2) The Vegetable Purée is a great dish for ranged builds as it directly increases your damage.

The Vegetable Purée is a great dish for ranged builds as it directly increases your damage. (left), +20 Stamina from the Flask of the Fell is always welcome, as you’ll need a lot of stamina to perform correctly. (right)


Name Effects Requirements
Forest Beet +1 Dexterity Found in Revelwood.
Vegetable Puree +3 Dexterity Crafted at the Farmer.
Grilled Game +3 Constitution Loot Raw Game from Scavengers or Boars. Cook in the fireplace or camping fire.

Forest Beets can be found on the floor around Revelwood and can be consumed without cooking. These will give you +1 Dexterity for 15 minutes. However, Vegetable Purée needs to be crafted at the Farmer, and it’ll cost you five Forest Beets, five Water, and one Salt. This will give you +3 Dexterity for 35 minutes. Finally, if you don’t have the ingredients for them, Grilled Game is a great substitute as it’ll give you +3 Constitution, and all you need is Raw Game which you’ll find of Boars in Revelwood or Scavengers.


Name Effects Location
Water +1 Endurance, +2 Stamina recharge Obtained from water wells, or found across the world.
Health Potions +200 Health Found in the world or crafted at the Alchemist.
Greater Health Potions +400 Health Found in the world or crafted at the Alchemist.
Flask of the Fell +20 Stamina Found in the world or crafted at the Alchemist.

Finally, you have consumables. The health potions are here for obvious reasons, but the Flask of the Fell will give you an extra 20 stamina, which is a nice chunk of stamina. To craft this, you’ll need one Shroud Liquid (found from the shrooms/eggs in the Shroud), one strawberry, and one Forest Beet, both of which can be found in Revelwood.

There you have it, a glass cannon Ranger Build which takes advantage of taking out your foes from afar. Note that with this build, you don’t want to be getting hit often as you have extremely low overall health. If this is too risky for you, you can remove the Central Tree, or Survival Tree skills and put some into Constitution, but make sure you keep hold of Double Jump.

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