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How to Find Salt Mine Locations

Scott Peers

The lands of Embervale in Enshrouded contain many useful resources that you’ll need to use when crafting. Salt is among the most important of these, especially when you consider that you need it to strengthen the flame of your Flame Altar at your base. It’s not immediately obvious where you can find salt in Enshrouded, so on this page we’ll show you some of the best locations to find it in the early game. In addition, we’ll tell you a bit about what it can be used for in some of the most important crafting recipes.

Ready to mine some salt at the Saline Salt Quarry in Enshrouded!

Best Locations for Salt in Enshrouded

As we mentioned in the introduction, you aren’t given any clues as to where you can find salt when you first start exploring Embervale in Enshrouded. It’s one of the first of the rarer resources that you’ll need to strengthen your Flame Altar, so it’s an important one to find early on. As you strengthen the flame, you’ll be able to explore areas where the shroud has taken over, which is good news in this case because most of the sources for salt are within shrouded areas.

Location of the Saline Quarry in Embervale

Luckily for you, there’s a decent source of salt not too far from the area where you’re encouraged to build your first base (aka, where you place your first Flame Altar). This is in the southern region of the Embervale map, south of the more centrally located Braelyn Bridge. The source of salt that we’re referring to is at the Saline Quarry, which is located within the shrouded area just to the southeast of Braelyn Bridge, as shown in the screenshot below.

When you first make your way to the shrouded area here, you’ll need to pass down some fairly steep cliffs, so it’s a good idea to make a Glider first. You can see our page on how to do that here. Once you’re ready, glide into the shroud immediately to the east of Longkeep (which itself is located directly south of Braelyn Bridge), then turn southeast until you reach the southernmost part of the shrouded area here. Along the way, you may first encounter the Saline Springs, but you’re unlikely to find much salt here, so just keep going south.

(1 of 2) The location of the Saline Quarry, southeast of Braelyn Bridge and directly east of Longkeep.

The location of the Saline Quarry, southeast of Braelyn Bridge and directly east of Longkeep. (left), You’ll see salt deposits sticking out of the rock like this one. (right)

You’ll need to be aware of the shroud protection ticking away in the top center of the screen, but at this stage you should have plenty of time (at least five minutes) before you lose the protection. Just be aware that you’ll need to give yourself enough time to get out of the shroud after getting some salt. If you’re unsure about how to identify the salt at Saline Quarry, you can see some in the screenshot above.

Location of the Egerton Salt Mines

The Saline Quarry will give you enough salt to strengthen your Flame Altar, and probably enough for any of the initial crafting recipes that you need it for. However, if you want to go on a proper salt-mining expedition, you’re better off traveling to the Egerton Salt Mines. These are more difficult to reach, and the area is much more dangerous, so you’ll want to make sure that you’ve strengthened your Flame Altar enough to give you more time in the shroud, and ideally that you have decent armor and weapons beyond the starting kit. You’ll also want to make the Grappling Hook, which you’ll need to get across the Braelyn Bridge.

Once you feel ready to brave the shroud in the north, you can take one of two main routes. The first is simple enough; you can make your way over Braelyn Bridge using the Grappling Hook, then follow the cliff edge northwest as you look over the shroud below. This is a vast area of shroud, and the Egerton Salt Mines are in the northwesternmost part of it, so it’ll be a reasonably long journey if you jump into the shroud immediately at this point.

An alternative route involves activating the Springlands Fast Travel point at the top of the nearby Ancient Spire first. This is just a short way northwest of Braelyn Bridge, and it’s an enormous structure so it’s difficult to miss. Get to the top of it using the pink portals inside to activate it as a fast travel point. You can then jump off the top facing westward and use your glider to get over the first part of the shroud. Once you’re on the other side, just head northwest and follow the cliff edge as you highlight the area of the shroud beneath it on the map. You’ll soon find the edge, and you can see exactly where the Egerton Salt Mines are in relation to it in the screenshot below.

(1 of 2) A broad view for the location of the Egerton Salt Mines, northwest of Braelyn Bridge.

A broad view for the location of the Egerton Salt Mines, northwest of Braelyn Bridge. (left), You can follow the contours of the cliff edge to reach the westernmost point of the shroud, beneath which you’ll find the mines. (right)

Finally, a third option for reaching the Egertone Salt Mines involves heading northwest from Longkeep but keep going as you follow the edge of the shroud. You’ll eventually reach the settlement named Woodgard, and you can loot this for some random pieces of salt within the houses. You can even build a Flame Altar here if you wish, which will make it easier to return to the area by fast traveling. Whatever path you choose, be aware that you’ll need to fight a decent number of Critters, which have established nests around the mines. The risk is worth the reward since you’ll find more salt here than you can probably carry back to your base.

What Is Salt Used for in Enshrouded?

Now that you know where to find plenty of salt, you may be wondering what it can be used for. Other than the strengthening of the Flame Altar as we’ve already mentioned, you’re likely to first need salt to craft Dried Fur via the Drying Rack. This is one of the Hunter’s crafting stations, so you’ll need to get her first before you can use it and complete her quests to unlock more recipes and crafting stations.

Aside from the Dried Fur, which is required to craft some of the better earlier armor sets and some comfier furniture, there aren’t many other uses for salt in the early game. However, you can bet that it will be useful to have in storage as you unlock more recipes, so it’s worth stockpiling at least 100 or so for whenever you need it.

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