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How to Get Torn Cloth

Craig Robinson

Torn Cloth is an early-game item that players will want to farm for various reasons. The first is that the item is used in lots of crafting, ranging from basic bandages, starting armor, and other base-building and crafter requirements. There’s never a point where you don’t need Torn Cloth in Enshrouded, which is why we are here to help you get and farm it.

Players can find Torn Cloth on the back of wagons, or even smash down tents, or break bundles of cloths they find on the land to get Torn Cloth in Enshrouded.

How to Farm Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

For the most part, the most common methods of getting Torn Cloth are as follows:

  1. Killing Scavenger enemies
  2. Destroying props in bases
  3. Looting Chests
  4. Killing Fell enemies

Killing Scavengers is one of the most consistent methods of farming Torn Cloth, and they’re also a good source for farming Metal Scraps. You can find Scavengers in most of the neutral POIs on the map, ranging from old mine shafts and camps, to ruined settlements. In the early game, you can find Scavengers along the Scavenger Camp with a mineshaft location, and at Rookmore to the north. The Scavenger Camp is to the left (west) in the hills of the starting base quest location, while Rookmore is in the valley north of the base building quest, to the west of Braelyn Bridge. You’ll typically be fighting level 3 Scavengers here, who are weak to Frost damage magic.

Killing Scavenger enemies is a reliable farming method for getting Torn Cloth in Enshrouded.

Later in the game, you can find more abandoned towns in the Lowlands and Revelwoods biome, which will contain these creatures. Killing one almost always guarantees at least one Torn Cloth, which means you’ll passively build your stacks of these items as time passes. When you reach higher levels, you’ll passively get them from more Scavenger enemies. Below is a list of the types of places you’ll find a higher yield of Scavengers at higher levels. Note that you’ll likely be visiting these locations as part of quests, so, you’ll naturally stumble upon them when you do.

  • Wither Camp (Northwest Springlands)
  • Mark of Sameth (Middle left of Revelwood)
  • Glenwood’s End (Northwest Revelwood)
  • Hill of Scavengers (North Central Springlands).

Smash Pots for Torn Cloth and Fabric

The other method of stumbling upon this item is by looting it from props. When you’re on your travels, look for buildings you can enter. You’ll often find there’s something smashable, whether it be blowing up some tents to get the cloth, smashing some boxes or vases and having a chance to drop Torn Cloth, Bandages, String, etc. The Vases in the Abandoned Towers and Vaults are always good methods of gathering materials and resources, depending on the tier of content in which the tower or vault is located. You’ll find breaking these props will often yield the likes of Torn Cloth, Metal Scraps, all the way to Copper bars, Beeswax, potions and other items, depending on the location of the Vault or Tower. You may also find items resting on bookshelves, tables, and other furniture to loot, some of which are often Torn Cloth, Plant Fibers, and Metal Scraps.

If you’re in the early game, feel free to visit Longkeep, that first ruined town you come across at the very start of the game. There are lots of barrels and baskets to smash, and you can get Torn Cloth from these items occasionally, alongside water, metals, logs, string, and plant fiber. You’ll even find some on the back of wagons, and other prompts in other smaller POIs.

In addition, you can often find Chests in most abandoned buildings, Towers, and Vaults. The standard wooden chests typically contain a range of consumables, often in the form of Bandages and throwable explosives, but you can also find basic materials from them occasionally, so they are always worth checking if you do come across them.

The other fighting method is killing the Fell shroud enemies. These raggy cloth boys can drop Torn Cloth very often. Feel free to go into Shrouded areas, or patrol at night and fight the bands of enemies that patrol and get their Torn Cloth from them. Elixir Wells tend to have high concentration of Fell enemies if you need to jump in for 5 minutes and fight some baddies.

This covers all the basics of getting Torn Cloth in Enshrouded. You should now know what to keep your eyes peeled for when you’re out and about in the world to maintain your stocks for crafting, base building, and bandage upkeep needs.

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