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How to Get Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Yucca Fruit is one of the many types of foods players can find In Enshrouded. This tasty treat is, however, only located in trees you’ll find in the Kindlewastes. If you intend to upgrade your Flame Level to 6, get a snack for passive healing, and do other food recipe upgrades, you’ll need to get this food. With various reasons to add this fruit to your bowl, we’ll show you how to get Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded.

Where to Find Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded

Players can find the locations of Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded via the small, yet thick trees found within the Kindlewastes Desert. You’ll need to chop these trees down to get your hands on the Yucca Fruit, alongside any Palm Wood and Resin that also drop from the trees.

You can pretty much find these trees all over the desert region. Simply look for the trees, and you’ll find them. However, it is worth noting that at the very southeastern tips of the Kindlewaste Desert are trees that tend to award more Yucca Fruit. If you chop these trees down, you tend to get around 4 Yucca Fruit per felling, while the others around POIs like Brittlebush tend only to award around 1 per tree. If you have not already done so, make your way around towards the Kindlewaste Tower, and then fly directly south. You’ll come across large trees around the hills above the Shrouded pits below. From here, you can chop these trees down, and then get your hands on quite a lot of Yucca Fruit. You’ll find them all over this cliffy region, as there’s plenty of them around.

(1 of 2) The trees you need to chop down for Yucca Fruit look like those in this image.

The trees you need to chop down for Yucca Fruit look like those in this image. (left), Travel directly south of the Kindelwaste Tower, and you can find plenty of Yucca Fruit. (right)

You can find the recommended location of the Yucca Fruit directly south of the Kindlewastes tower. See the image above for an idea of the map. There are plenty of trees, with each dropping four. You should be able to get a few stacks of Yucca Fruit this way, and then when the server resets the trees will respawn, presuming there is no base nearby.

Unfortunately, you cannot farm Yucca Fruit, as you cannot create seeds for Yucca Fruit or the trees that grow them. So, you will sadly need to continuously chop the trees down to claim the fruit.

As for the uses of the Fruit, not only do you need it for the one-time upgrade of your Flame Level, but the Yucca Fruit can be made into an extremely efficient Stamina Recharge food. You can trade one Yucca Fruit for one Grilled Yucca Fruit at the Farmer, as long as you have created the Fireplace in your base. If you do so, you can get a +20 Stamina Recharge meal, which lasts for seven minutes. It’s perfect for adventure when you need to do lots of running or gliding, or for use in combat when you need to dodge many attacks.

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