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How to Get Sulfur in Enshrouded

Matt Chard

As you approach the late-game in Enshrouded, some Alchemist recipes will require you to get Sulfur. This resource is a yellowy-green deposit often found at the base of mountains and rock faces. Although you can find Sulfur throughout the Kindlewastes, some locations are better than others. Read on to find out the best Sulfur locations and what recipes you can use it for.

A guide to finding Sulfur in Enshrouded.

Best Sulfur Locations in Enshrouded

As briefly mentioned above, Sulfur is in the Kindlewastes; the last biome you will visit in Enshrouded. At this stage of the game, your Flame Altar should be at least level four, maybe even level five or six. If it isn’t at least level five, you will have trouble getting past the Deadly Shroud. There are alternative methods to getting there earlier such as creating a tunnel through the mountains in the Nomad Highlands, but you’ll want to level up the altar either way, so you may as well do it now.

This spot will have seven locations relatively close to each other and will yield a few hundred Sulfur on each respawn, which should be more than enough considering the limited recipes Sulfur is used in. The only bad part about this spot is that you’ll need the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire activated if you want to access it quickly, unless you place a Flame Altar near the spot. You can find this spot to the west of the Kindlewastes Spire, near the Sapphire Strand POI. Follow the steps below to follow the farming route.

From the Kindlewastes spire, follow the marked path above.

Sulfur Farming Route

  1. Teleport to the Kindlewastes Spire in the southeast of the map, over the Shroud.
  2. Run to the nearby mountain and mine the Sulfur on the north side of the rock face.
  3. Head directly northwest to find a basement with stairs that are filled with Sulfur.
  4. Now go southwest and you’ll find the Sapphire Strand encampment. On the outskirts is a rock face with Sulfur on it. There are enemies here, so you can skip this if you want.
  5. Head northwest again to find a mining shaft.
  6. Continue northwest toward the large mountain in the distance. Head around to the north side of it and head into the cave-like area, where you’ll find a boatload more Sulfur.
  7. Finally, exit the last spot and head northeast to find a slope heading up. Go up the slope to find the last Sulfur deposit. There’s more of it further up the slope, too.

(1 of 7) Step 1: Glide west across the Shroud to the mountain marked in the circle. Make sure you have plenty of stamina!

What is Sulfur Used For?

Sulfur is used in a variety of Alchemist recipes including Enshrouded Oil, Black Powder, Shroud Meteor (spell), Eternal Light Burst (spell), Eternal Acid Bite (spell), the Mortar, and many more. The table below will show you every recipe it is used in, and how much of the resource you’ll need for each.

Recipe Tool/Craftsperson Quantity (Sulfur)
Shroud Meteor Alchemist 20
Eternal Light Burst Alchemist 30
Eternal Acid Bite Alchemist 30
Mortar Alchemist 3
Enshrouded Oil Laboratory 1
Black Powder Laboratory 1
Poisoned Iron Arrow x25 Hunter 2
Red Fabric Hunter 1
All Wall Decorations Carpenter 1 for every decoration

That’s all the recipes we have found so far that require Sulfur. Note that Sulfur is a requirement to level your Flame Altar to level six, and it’ll require 40 of them, so make sure you set some aside, especially if you don’t want to farm anymore. If you prefer a visual guide to the farming route, check out the video below!

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