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Crucible Needed For a Smelter Guide - Enshrouded

Matt Chard

Crucible Needed for a Smelter is a quest in Enshrouded given by the Blacksmith when you find a Copper Bar. You can find Copper Bars in the Ancient Spire — Revelwood, among other places in Revelwood in general. When you get the Copper Bar, you’ll unlock the recipe for it, which will prompt the Blacksmith to offer you his quest. When you’ve spoken to him, and got the quest, he’ll ask you to find his Crucible which is required to make the smelter, and he suspects the Scavengers have taken it. Read on to find where you can find the Smelter, and how you can craft it.

The Blacksmith will send you on a quest to retrieve his stolen Crucible, as he needs it to craft a Smelter.

Retrieve the Crucible

The Crucible can be found in the Scavenger mine called “Mark of Sameth” which is situated west of the Ancient Spire in Revelwood, northwest of Diadwyn village. The easiest way to get there is to fast travel to the spire, and glide west toward it. This won’t take you all the way, so keep jumping off the high ground while gliding west to get there. Alternatively, if you can get to Diadwyn village, which is southwest of the fast-travel, you can follow the dusty western path from the exit, and it’ll take you straight there. The path will eventually turn northwest, and you’ll go over a stone path on your way, but stay on the dusty path as it’ll take you straight to the entrance.

(1 of 2) Head to Diadwyn from the fast travel, and then follow the path west to the Mark of Sameth.

Head to Diadwyn from the fast travel, and then follow the path west to the Mark of Sameth. (left), Run through the camp and go through the tunnel on the first floor, at the back of the mine. (right)

When you reach the mine named “Mark of Sameth”, be prepared for a battle…or ten. This place is filled with Scavengers who’ll attack you at every turn, including from up above. A ranged weapon like a Bow or Wand really helps here, as you can pick them off one by one; there are also explosive barrels you can shoot to take them out. You’ll soon notice that this place is great for Copper Ore should you need it, as it’s a copper mine, so keep that in mind for later. It’s easy to get lost here as there are so many mine shafts, so you’ll want to head straight to the Crucible to avoid combat.

From the entrance, run along the bottom and enter the tunnel right at the back in the northwest, next to the slope. Be careful of the trap at the entrance, defeat the enemies, and then head up the slope to the west/southwest (to your left). You’ll find a lore note at the top of the slope, and the Crucible will be behind a boulder to the right. Now, either destroy the boulder by throwing a bomb at it, mine it with your pickaxe, or jump over it. The Crucible will be sitting snugly on the table, so interact with it by pressing E-Key (Default), and you’ll update the quest. Before leaving the area, you might want to get some copper ore from the abundance of deposits here, but when you’re ready, fast-travel back to your base to do the next part of the quest.

(1 of 5) This is the exact location of the Crucible. The pickaxe icon to the right is the mine.

How to Craft the Smelter

All you need to do now is craft the smelter. Head over to the Blacksmith, who will now have an exclamation mark above his head, and select “Time to Craft a Smelter”. After some dialogue, select Craft, and you’ll find the Smelter under the Production Place category, above the Charcoal Kiln. To craft the Smelter, you’ll need 50 Fired Brick along with the Crucible. Well, you have the Crucible now, so all you require are the bricks.

(1 of 2) You’ll need 50 Fired Bricks to craft the Smelter, which means you’ll need 50 Clay and Wooden Logs.

You’ll need 50 Fired Bricks to craft the Smelter, which means you’ll need 50 Clay and Wooden Logs. (left), Here is what Clay looks like in the world, you’ll find plenty of it near Diadwyn in Revelwood. (right)

How to Craft Fired Bricks

The recipe for the bricks is simple, put some Clay and Wooden Logs into the Kiln and wait for them to craft. You’ll need one Clay, and one Wood Log for each brick, so in total you’ll need 50 of each material. The Wood Logs are easy enough to get, but to get the Clay, it’ll require you to mine it from the deposits scattered around Revelwood. There are some good locations to get Clay which is to the west of Diadwyn, south of Mark of Sameth, and near the strip of land west of the Hunting Ground, southeast of the fast travel. Visit our Clay Farming Route page for the best places to find it. When you have the required materials, place them in the Kiln, and do something else like mine Copper while you wait. Once the bricks have cooked, craft the Smelter and place it in your base to complete the quest.

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