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How to Get Enshrouded Oil in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Enshrouded Oil is one of the big-ticket resources that players need to craft to create some of the higher-profile items in Enshrouded’s endgame. The resource is needed for some of the magically powered Huge Chests, alongside spells and the max-level Glider upgrade. To improve your overall quality of life, here’s everything you need to know about Enshrouded Oil.

(1 of 2) You can find Enshrouded Oil randomly in the world through loot pickups, such as in this Sun Temple.

You can find Enshrouded Oil randomly in the world through loot pickups, such as in this Sun Temple. (left), Alternatively, players can craft Enshrouded Oil at the Laboratory. (right)

How to Make Enshrouded Oil

To make Enshrouded Oil, you will need to unlock the Laboratory. The Laboratory is the final quest from the Alchemist crafter, and you need to go and retrieve some items, alongside gathering some crafting items from the Alchemist, and then some other parts to forge it. Once it is made, you can make some very end-game reagents used in many crafting items.

When you create the Laboratory, you can then cycle through the recipes menu and then select Enshrouded Oil. To make Enshrouded Oil, you will need the following items:

  • 5x Shroud Spores
  • 5x Coal Powder
  • 5x Shroud Liquid
  • 1x Sulfur

For the most part, the recipe for the Enshrouded Oil is not too bad. The Shroud Spores drop from most Fell enemies, such as the regular archers and melee units. Meanwhile, Shroud Liquid comes from the plants in the Shroud. On the other hand, Coal Powder is a recipe you need to unlock by having the Laboratory and then by placing Charcoal in the Grinder. Lastly, you have Sulfur, which is the yellowish mineral you can mine from all over the Kindlewastes. Look for the overworld mining pits in the desert or any yellowish color on the hills and mountains of the map. You should be near Sulfur at all times in that biome.

When you have all the items, return to the Laboratory and craft the Enshrouded Oil. Alternatively, you can find Enshrouded Oil randomly from the various smashable objects in the Kindlewastes Biome. Go and visit the Flame Sanctum, Sun Temples, and the Ancient Tower and smash the objects inside them. The loot table contains Enshrouded Oil, although it is very rare considering the number of items in those tables. You can see examples of this in the images above.

What is Enshrouded Oil used for?

For the most part, you will need Enshrouded Oil for the following items:

  • Huge Magic Chest - Four Enshrouded Oil
  • Ghost Glider - Final upgrade to the Glider requiring four Enshrouded Oil.
  • Lightning Channel - five Enshrouded Oil

Your two main uses for the item are to craft four oils and then being done with them. Getting the Ghost Glider is the big ticket item for exploring and getting around for your end-game crafting. You can then farm more if you want for some more Huge Chests for easy access to your items for crafters and crafting stations in your base, which is a huge quality of life.

And with that said, you now know what the main reasons are for wanting to get your hands on Enshrouded Oil.

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