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Beehive Smoker Location in Enshrouded

Matt Chard

One of the last quests you’ll get from Fray, the Farmer in Enshrouded, is the “A Beehive Smoker” quest. Fray will ask you to travel to Brittlebrush in the Kindlewastes to locate the tavern that she once had there, as it was the last place she had the smoker. The Beehive Smoker is needed to craft Honey Beehives. This allows you to craft recipes such as honey and wax. Read on to find out where to find Brittlebush, Fray’s tavern, and eventually, the Beehive Smoker.

Placing the Beehive Smoker in your base will complete the quest for Fray.

Brittlebush Location

The first thing you need to do is find Brittlebush, as that is where you’ll find Fray’s tavern. Brittlebush is smack-dab in the center of the map, in between Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. The easiest way to get there is to teleport to the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and glide into the reddish cave to the southeast. It’s worth noting that if your Flame Altar isn’t at least level five, there will be Deadly Shroud in here, so make sure you’ve leveled up your Flame Altar first.

When you get to the cave, proceed through the small encampment. You can just run through here, but be careful of the trap on the floor at the exit. Once you’ve exited the cave, follow the muddy path through the Shroud while heading southeast. Stay on and don’t deviate from the path, and it’ll take you straight to the entrance of Brittlebush. Now it’s time to find Fray’s tavern.

(1 of 3) From the Nomad Highland Spire, glide toward the cave in the red mountain.

Fray’s Tavern Location

Brittlebush is teeming with enemies, but fortunately there is a respawn beacon near the entrance. Proceed east, past the respawn beacon, and make a right turn at the bottom of the stairs. The tavern is right next to the following set of stairs, but there is a dual-wield green scavenger at the bottom. Take it out, and then when you get about halfway down the stairs, face east and jump/glide through the hole in the wall, leading to the tavern. Now you’ll need to find clues about the Beehive Smoker.

(1 of 2) Halfway down the stairs, you’ll find a hole in the wall of the building.

Halfway down the stairs, you’ll find a hole in the wall of the building. (left), Jump through it, make your way to the first floor, and exit the tavern. Now read the note on the signboard. (right)

Beehive Smoker Location

Make your way down to the first floor, breaking the barricaded doors along the way, and you’ll find a locked chest containing the Desert City Wall Block at the end of Fray’s bed. Exit the tavern to find a notice board outside with a note attached to it. Read the note, and your objective will be updated. Be aware that there may be a couple of enemies outside the tavern, so defeat them first. Once you’ve read the note, it’s time to leave Brittlebush via the northern exit. We recommend just running past the numerous enemies along the way unless you plan on looting the town first.

When you reach the exit, follow the stone path north, then northeast until you reach an intersection. Take the dusty path north until you reach another intersection, and then follow the stone path east. This will take you where you need to go. When you reach the objective marker, walk a little further to the intersection, and you’ll find a Vukah corpse on the raised ledge above the dusty path. Search the corpse to find honey on it, and the objective will update again.

(1 of 5) Exit Brittlebush via the northern exit and follow the path.

It’s clear that the missing Beehive Smoker is related to Vukah activities, and the objective will mark a location to the east, the Vukah Sacrifice Hill. Drop onto the nearby dusty path and follow it north through the canyon to a Vukah encampment. Run through the encampment and follow the makeshift path southeast until you exit it. This will lead you to the aforementioned hill. Continue following the path and you’ll reach the Vukah Sacrifice Hill.

Before you head around the corner, heal up, refresh your meal effects, and get ready for a miniboss. When you head around the corner, you’ll need to defeat a Vukah Brawler, a large Vukah that can deal a lot of damage should it hit you. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to defeat. Acid Bite will destroy it, ranged attacks will take it down quickly, and if you’re melee, simply bait out its slam attack, head behind it, and hack away. Repeat that a few times and it’ll die. Once you’ve defeated the brawler and any nearby enemies, loot the brawler’s corpse to find the Beehive Smoker. Loot the area if you want, and then head back to base, speak to Fray, and then place the Beehive Smoker down to complete the quest.

(1 of 5) When you reach the objective, run northeast through the camp.

What does the Beehive Smoker Do?

To be honest, this feels like something you should have obtained a while ago, but to answer the question, it unlocks the recipe to craft a Honey Beehive, which can be found under the Production Place section of the Farmer. It’ll cost you 4x Wooden Logs, 20x Straw, and 4x Clay. Crafting a Honey Beehive allows you to get 5x Honey at the cost of 2x Water and 1x Sugar or Wax which will cost you 3x Plant Fiber and 1x Water. There you have it, your very own beehives for a constant supply of Honey and Wax.

(1 of 2) The Beehive Smoker allows you to craft Honey Beehives.

The Beehive Smoker allows you to craft Honey Beehives. (left), This allows you to craft Honey and Wax. (right)

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