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Best Way to Get Twigs in Enshrouded

Matt Chard

If you’ve spent any time playing a Ranger or Assassin in Enshrouded, you’ll soon realize that twigs are the bane of your existence. This is because when you play primarily a ranged bow-user, you’ll expend a lot of arrows, even more so if you have the Multi Shot skill, and twigs are the primary material in crafting them. It’s common knowledge that you can get twigs by gathering bushes or chopping down trees, but there is a better way to get them! Read on to find out the best method to get twigs in Enshrouded.

Soo…many…twigs. Animal dens are often the best places to get twigs in Enshrouded.

How to Get Twigs - Enshrouded

Although we touched on it above, you should always gather from any bush you run past as you’re guaranteed to get a twig or two from them, and plant fiber is always useful to have. The same goes for chopping trees, you’ll find that 90% of the time, twigs can be obtained as a byproduct of them. However, the best method to get twigs is by using your pickaxe on the various dens (and later on, houses) scattered throughout Embervale. This is because these are predominantly built out of twigs, and you can easily get a hundred twigs each time you clear a den, and then after some time, they will respawn which allows you to do it again. There are three types of “dens”, Springlands has small holes filled with twigs which is where Wolves will spawn, Revelwood has small cave-like structures where Boars will spawn, and then you have spherical “dens” built out of twigs in the Nomad Highlands, which is where you’ll find hyenas. Below, you’ll find a few locations where you can find these dens.

Wolf Den Locations

Wolf dens are primarily found in the Springlands and Low Meadows biomes at the south of the map. The quickest and easiest wolf den to get to is the one east of the Cinder Vault, near the beginning area where you start the game. Head east until you reach a cliff, drop and glide to the ledge below, and follow it south a bit. It’s almost directly east of the vault.

(1 of 2) Head down the cliff east from the Cinder Vault (starting area).

Head down the cliff east from the Cinder Vault (starting area). (left), This is what a wolf den looks like. You can find these scattered around the Springlands and Low Meadows. (right)

Boar Den Locations

Boar dens are primarily found in the Revelwood biome, near the north of the map. Our favorite spot to find a den is by traveling to the Revelwoods Ancient Spire. From there, glide southwest until you reach Diadwyn Village. Now, head northwest a little and you will find it. It is on the outskirts of the village, and it’ll look like a large boulder if you come from Diadwyn.

(1 of 2) Glide west from the Revelwood Spire, and you’ll find the den in the forest. It’s northwest of Diadwyn village.

Glide west from the Revelwood Spire, and you’ll find the den in the forest. It’s northwest of Diadwyn village. (left), Boar dens look slightly different from wolf dens, but they are still the same in principle. (right)

Hyena Den Locations

Hyena dens are primarily found in the Nomad Highlands biome, near the far east of the map. One specific den can be found by gliding south from the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire and then hugging the left (east wall) which joins onto the Kindlewastes biome. Eventually, you’ll reach the Bounty Barn. Now, head northwest a little, and you should see the den. There are many more in the biome, and this is just one example.

(1 of 2) A Hyena Den can be found south of the Nomad Highlands Spire, northwest of the Bounty Barn.

A Hyena Den can be found south of the Nomad Highlands Spire, northwest of the Bounty Barn. (left), Hyena dens are easier to spot due to being a lot bigger. You’ll find plenty of these in the highlands. (right)

There you go, a few different ways to obtain twigs. The locations above are just one of each for Wolves, Boars, and Hyenas among many other dens in each biome. They can be tricky to find at first, so keep your eyes peeled for any large boulders you come across as this could contain a den. These dens can give you approximately 100-150 twigs every time you fully deplete the den, which is good for 450-500ish arrows that should keep you stocked up for a bit.

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