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How to Get Amber

Craig Robinson

Amber is one of the next tiers of materials players will need to find in the Revelwood. Whether you’re using it for crafting purposes, or you need to upgrade your Flame level to 4, you’ll need to get your hands on it at some point. However, this is perhaps the most mysterious item to get your hands on, but, luckily for you, we know where to find Amber in Enshrouded.

Where to find Amber in Enshrouded

The best location we have found to get Amber in Enshrouded is via an Elixir Well, which is northwest of the Revelwood. Go inside the Well, clear it out of its hostiles, the large warrior miniboss, and then chop the tree down. This will allow you to then begin mining the Amber in the area as you won’t need to deal with the Shroud timer mechanic.

(1 of 2) You can find Amber in the Well in Revelwood.

You can find Amber in the Well in Revelwood. (left), Mine the orange mound in the cave and you’ll start getting Amber in Enshrouded. (right)

To find the large Amber clump, you need to go into the thin corridor between the entrance to the Well and the stairs up to the Root Tree. You’ll find the large orange mound in the corner of the room on the other side of the stairs.

Now you begin mining the Amber using any pick you have and get to work. You’ll now start getting 30 XP per chunk you mine, and there’s certainly a lot of it to mine. You will easily get enough for your Flame Level 4 upgrade. Moreso, mining the resource will grant you the Fireball level 2 unlock from the Alchemist, so you can start casting higher-damage fire spells from your stave.

If you wish to farm this location again, you must keep clearing out the Root Tree from the Well, as it doesn’t seem to be persistent. But, once it’s cleared, you don’t need to deal with the mechanic and can get back to farming for your high-powered Fireballs or other crafting purposes. And there you have it, you now know how to get Amber in Enshrouded, making this mysterious item easy to get your hands on.

Other Amber Locations in Enshrouded

The other sources of Amber in Enshrouded are in the shrouded areas. However, unlike the farm listed above, you cannot clear the Shroud out, and so, have limited farming time to grab the content. Not to mention the visuals of the Amber are much smaller than the farming option above. Yet, if you need small and quick chunks, you can easily get your hands on these spots, mine them, and quickly get out of the Shroud. Be careful of the level 13 Fell enemies patrolling the fog, alongside the plant spitter shroud enemies. You can finds the locations of the Amber via our map below.

(1 of 2) The Flag markers indicate small clumps of Amber you can mine in Esnrhouded.

The Flag markers indicate small clumps of Amber you can mine in Esnrhouded. (left), An example of what the Amber in the SHroud looks like. (right)

If you want something with a bit more of a larger Amber deposit, while also having easier access to escape the Shroud, you can try the southeast corner of the most northwestern shroud in Revelwood. You’ll find a small cave going underground surrounded by the mushroom dire tile. If you head to the cave, you’ll find a few clumps of Amber inside, alongside a larger deposit by the cliffside. The good news is this is right next to the Shroud boundary, meaning you can easily go back up for air, and then get back down to mining Amber. You can find evidence of this location in the screenshots below. This is arguably our second favorite location to get Amber in Enshrouded. Just be careful of the pack of boars that patrol the area.

(1 of 3) You can find a few clumps of Amber inside the mushroom cave at this location.

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