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Where to Get Linen

Matt Chard

At around level 13 in Enshrouded, you’ll notice that you need linen to craft numerous recipes, but up until this point, you’ve not needed it so you wouldn’t know how to craft it. The short answer is you’ll need Flax, a lot of it, but that’s not the only thing you need because having Flax isn’t enough, you’ll need the Hand Spindle too, and you can only get that by completing a quest from the Hunter Craftsperson. Read on to find out where to get the Hand Spindle, where to find Flax, and how to craft Linen.

Flax is the only material you’ll need for Linen, but you’ll need a lot of it.

Unlocking the Hand Spindle

The Hand Spindle can be obtained by completing the aptly named quest “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle”. Unfortunately, you’ll need to progress the Hunter’s quest line until this shows up in your log. When you do get the quest, you’ll need to find a place called Westcott, which is in the Revelwood and can be found further to the north. If you’re not ready for Revelwood yet, either bring along a Flame Altar so you can fast travel back there later or progress the main quests until they lead you there. The reason for this is that Revelwood is the next tier up in terms of resources, and it’s a long and arduous journey to boot.

To get there, simply head north, and don’t stop. You may need to strengthen your flame first if you’re seeing the red Shroud area known as Deadly Shroud, but you should be okay. If you keep heading north, you should find the desolate town of Diadwyn (which is a good place for a new base). There is the Revelwood Ancient Spire fast travel to the northeast of the town, and to the north of that, on top of a cliff, is the “Abandoned Hunter Camp” which is where you’ll find the Hand Spindle. When you have it, place it next to the Hunter or anywhere in your base.

(1 of 2) The Hand Spindle can be found in the Abandoned Hunter Camp, north of Diadwyn, Revelwood.

The Hand Spindle can be found in the Abandoned Hunter Camp, north of Diadwyn, Revelwood. (left), The Spindle will be right next to the tent and will glow orange to make sure you don’t miss it. (right)

How to Craft Linen

Interact with your shiny new Hand Spindle, and the only recipe you’ll see is Linen. However, to craft this, you’ll need two Flax for one piece. There are two ways to obtain Flax, either pick it up off the ground or create a farm for it. The former is the quicker way to get hold of Flax, and you’ll need to do it anyway to get Flax Seedling, but the latter method will produce an endless supply of Flax, which then becomes Linen. Let’s look at both methods in more detail below.

(1 of 2) Interact with the Hand Spindle, and then select “browse recipes”. This will show you what you need to craft the recipe.

Interact with the Hand Spindle, and then select “browse recipes”. This will show you what you need to craft the recipe. (left), There’s one Flax location north of Diadwyn in Revelwood. (right)

When you are in the late game, you can start crafting Wells and an Improved Well from the Carpenter. When we completed both of these project, it then unlocked another important crafting option to build a Spinning Wheel. This is essentially the Hand Spindle, albeit, it only requires 1 Flax to create 1 Linen. This is compared to the 2 Flax per 1 Linen from the Hand Spindle. This dramatically makes it much easier to start crafting your Linen, Fabric, and Padding for mid and late game armor sets.

Best Flax Locations

There isn’t a standout location for Flax, but you will find it all over Revelwood, and normally in spawns of two or three. North of Diadwyn has a couple of spawns of three, and there are some more spawns near the Lush Pasture which is situated southeast of Diadwyn. If you need a lot of Linen, we suggest using the farm method below. You can see more of our Flax farming suggestions in our dedicated guide for it.

How to Grow Flax in a Farm

Before you can even think about building a farm, you’ll need the Farmer Craftsperson which you should have had the quest “Growing Stronger Together” by now. When you have the Farmer, find a spot where you want the farm to be, and craft a Seedbed or two which costs 10 Wood Logs, 2 Metal Scraps, and 10 Farm Soil (Dirt + Bonemeal). Place the Seedbed outside, and add some water, Flax, and some Farm Soil to it. Now, open the recipes and select Flax. This will yield 10 Flax Seedlings for every two Flax, which is great, but you’ll need a place to put the seedlings. Craft a Farmbed from the Farmer, place it on the floor, add farm soil to the bed, rake it, and then plant the seeds. For an in-depth guide to farming, follow our Farming Guide.

(1 of 2) Place Flax and water into a Seedbed, and you’ll get 10 Flax Seedling in return.

Place Flax and water into a Seedbed, and you’ll get 10 Flax Seedling in return. (left), Now, put the seedlings into a Farmbed filled with Farm Soil and watch them grow. You’ll never need Flax again! (right)

Enshrouded Resource Guides

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