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A Rumble in the Catacombs - Bramblespine Boneyard - Enshrouded

Scott Peers

The Bramblespine Boneyard is one of the more difficult catacombs to navigate in Enshrouded. It’s easy to find yourself lost in its maze-like structure, especially while you’re under pressure as the shroud protection timer expires. However, with enough preparation to extend the duration of your shroud protection, you can get through this dungeon without having to worry about it. On this page, we’ll offer some advice for the best skills and consumables to make your life easier while exploring the dungeon, and we’ll show you exactly where to find the Weathered Stone Blocks for the “A Rumble in the Catacombs” quest.

Shroud protection skills will be your greatest asset in the Bramblespine Boneyard catacombs.

Location of the Bramblespine Boneyard

If you haven’t yet ventured to the Bramblespine Boneyard catacombs, you can see the screenshot below to find out where it is. The location should be marked on your map as soon as you get the “A Rumble in the Catacombs” quest, but you may still have trouble finding the entrance if you don’t know where to look. The easiest way to get to the entrance is to fast travel to the Revelwood Ancient Spire, then glide down to the northeast. If you follow the quest marker, you’ll soon find the entrance which is built into the cliffside.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Bramblespine Boneyard in the northern part of the map, in Revelwood.

You’ll find the Bramblespine Boneyard in the northern part of the map, in Revelwood. (left), Glide northeast from the top of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. The entrance to the catacombs is in the shroud patch below. (right)

Recommended Skills and Consumables for Shroud Protection within Bramblespine Boneyard

One of the best things you can do to make things easier while exploring the Bramblespine Boneyard is invest in some essential skills that extend the duration of your shroud protection. There are two skills which do this regardless of your class, and two additional skills that can be useful for a melee or mage build. Unfortunately, there isn’t an equivalent skill for a non-magic ranged build, but you should be fine regardless.

Best Skills for Shroud Protection

The table below lists all four skills that can improve your shroud protection. If you’ve already invested in other skills and you don’t have any skill points spare, you can always reset your skill investments by using 10 Runes at any Flame Altar. It’s well worth doing for this dungeon alone if you’re having trouble.

Skill Description
Inner Fires Maximum Shroud Time increased by 2 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.
Relentless Flame Maximum Shroud Time increased by 5 minutes, allowing you to explore for longer.
Purification After defeating a Shroud infested foe with a melee weapon you replenish +5 seconds of Shroud Time.
Shroud Filter Dealing magic weapon damage has a 15% chance to trigger a small flame burst that restores 30 seconds of Shroud Time to you and your allies within 20 meters.

As you can see, Inner Fires and Relentless Flame offer a base increase to your shroud protection, increasing it by +7 minutes if you invest in both skills. Purification may not seem like the most powerful skill initially, but when you consider that you’ll be killing a decent amount of weaker shroud enemies, especially Critters, you can quickly regain shroud time protection. The only limitation is that you need to kill things with a melee weapon, so you’ll need to pull a melee weapon out to finish any enemy off if you want to make use of the skill, as mentioned in the tip above.

Shroud Filter, on the other hand, is exclusively for magic builds. It’s arguably more powerful than Purification, but less reliable since there’s only a 15% chance for it to trigger. Still, you should find that it triggers often enough if you spam magic attacks, and the hits count even against enemies with shields, so in theory you can spam attacks on shield enemies and completely restore your shroud protection (at least until your attacks break the shield stance of an enemy!). Whether you use Purification and Shroud Filter or not, the base increase to shroud protection from Inner Fires and Relentless Flame will massively improve your chances of survival.

(1 of 2) Inner Fires is one of the first skills you can acquire which improves shroud protection.

Inner Fires is one of the first skills you can acquire which improves shroud protection. (left), The Shroud Survival Flask extends the duration of shroud protection by a further +2 minutes. (right)

Consumables for Shroud Protection

In terms of consumables, you won’t find much in the form of food that can increase your time in the shroud. The only available potion that can extend the duration of your shroud protection is the Shroud Survival Flask. This can be crafted using the Alchemist for x1 Charcoal, x1 Shroud Liquid, and x1 Wood Acid per flask, so you can craft plenty of these (they stack up to 5 in your inventory) without much trouble. You should only need one of these flasks for a run through the catacombs, since the +2 minutes added to your base shroud protection from them lasts for 45 minutes.

One important thing to note with the Shroud Survival Flask is that you must use it before you enter the shroud, since it won’t work if you try to use it while you’re already within the shroud. The one exception to this is that you can use it at any respawn flame within the shroud, and you’ll find one of these just to your right as you enter the Bramblespine Boneyard.

Bramblespine Boneyard Walkthrough – Weathered Stone Block Location

Now that you know how to improve your chances of survival in the catacombs, you can see the video linked below for a detailed walkthrough, including where to find the chest containing the Weathered Stone Block, which you’ll need to complete the “A Rumble in the Catacombs” quest. Given the somewhat labyrinthine structure of the dungeon, you’ll probably find it easiest to see the visual representation of how to get through it in the video. Other than the Weathered Stone Block, there isn’t much to find in the catacombs, but it can be a good place to farm XP. You’ll also get plenty of Torn Cloth from the shroud enemies within.

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