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How to Get Tin Ore in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Tin Ore is one of the mid-to-late-game materials that players will need to get their hands on to create improved base-building features, new weapons, armor, and much more. For those of you progressing, Tin Ore is also used as part of the game’s Flame Level System, which you will need to upgrade from level 4 to 5 at this stage. You’ll find that Tin ore is very scarce across the end-game regions, so we’ve recommended some of the best farms for you to get it in Enshrouded.

Where to Find Tin Ore in Enshrouded

To get your hands on Tin Ore in Enshrouded, you will need to head into the Nomad Highlands, in the eastern part of the map. The resource is often found in the more dangerous locations of the Nomad Highlands too, especially in the Shroud around the Umber Hollow along with the Mining Pit icon in the northwest area of the zone, marked on the map via the Fortification POI note you gained from the Capital City.

(1 of 2) The Tin Ore is inside this Shroud Root northwest of the Fast Travel location.

The Tin Ore is inside this Shroud Root northwest of the Fast Travel location. (left), You can see the Tin Ore location in Enshrouded beside the Shroud Root. (right)

The best Tin Ore farm we have found so far is the route at the very northwestern reaches of the Nomad Highlands. From the Nomad Highland Tower, we recommend traveling northwest from the tower, and entering the Cave with the Shroud Root. Clear the Shroud Root out, and you will find a source of Tin at the back which you can mine safely. You can see an example in the images above.

From there, you can now travel westward towards the large mining pit. In the pit, you’ll find a lot of Tin in various sections for you to mine out. Be careful of the few enemies that lurk around, and you’ll be fine. The other good thing about this farm is that this entire valley from the Mining Shaft to further east of the Tower is filled with Copper ore. So, if you needed the Tin to make Bronze, then you can go ahead and mine some of the small clumps of copper sticking out of the Bluffs in this general area. Alternatively, check out our Copper Ore Farm spots for more info on that.

The mining sight at the northwestern point of the Nomad Highlands has many Tin Ore clumps for you to mine, located within range of the Highland Tower as your nearby fast travel point.

As for that simple Tin ore farm, the other locations you can visit are the Tin ore deposits located in the Shroud around the Umber Hollow. This is a large village located in the large, central Shrouded pit in the middle of the zone. You’ll find plenty of Tin Ore around the hillsides, situated in the highlighted red X or red lined areas on the image below.

This Tin Ore farm in Enshrouded shows several locations with large or multiple clumps of Tin Ore to gather near the Umbral Hollow.

The bottom left marker on the map is accessible via the ramp leading from the Highland into the Shroud, the one on the middle left is high up in the cliff, while the one next to the Elixir Well is underground after clearing the Well. The others in the top right of the Hollow are along the main pathway, and there are several clumps close together. The only downside is that those don’t have any nearby ways of refilling your Shrouded Corruption timer, but it is by far the densest amount of Tin in the area. There are images attached so you can get a better idea of the locations of Tin Ore in Enshrouded.

If you’re undertaking this Tin Ore farm in Enshrouded, we recommended buffing your Fell Timer when possible via consumables. There is a ramp to the northeast of the location that can take around a minute to climb back to safety if you are desperate to escape the shroud. Alternatively, you can log out of the game, and it will teleport you to the last Flame Shrine teleport you used.

(1 of 4) This is the approximate area of a hotspot of Tin ore in Enshrouded.

This concludes our quick guide on locations to get Tin Ore in Enshrouded. Remember that if you have a safe farm, you can restart your server and force the tin to respawn. You may also consider crafting multiple Shroud Protection Potions to ensure you have plenty of time to make several runs, large farming sessions of the Tin you need for your Bronze, base crafting or Flame Level improvements.

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