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How to Get Fell Sicklescythe Head in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

The Fell Sicklescythe is an end-game boss enemy located in the Kindlewastes biome. Apart from being your standard new way to attain Comfort buffs in your base, this item is needed as part of the Flame Level upgrade to reach level 6. However, this boss poses a bit of a challenge, so here is a guide on where to find the Fell Sicklescythe head, alongside tips on how to beat the boss.

Where to Find the Fell Sicklescythe in Enshrouded

The easiest place to find the Fell Sicklescythe in Enshrouded is by visiting the Ridgeback Mine in the southeast of the zone. You can find this location by flying southwest from the Kindlewastes Tower, into the Shrouded area. If you have completed the Blacksmith quests leading to this point, you should have a POI in the area called Hearts of Iron.

You can find a Fell Sicklescythe location in Enshoruded at the Ridgeback Mine POI.

When you reach the location, you’ll come across one of the biggest Iron ore farms in Enshrouded. However, the place is guarded by a new type of floating mage enemy, the Sicklescythe.

The Sicklescythe is quite a tough opponent to beat. The main thing you need to know is that the Sicklescythe has two moves:

  1. Sickle Throw: Throws lock on fast attack blades at you
  2. Skull Bomb: Slow-moving screaming skull bomb that explodes for large damage after short delay or on impact with the player

The Sickle Throw ability is the weaker of the boss’ attacks, yet, the blades come fast and often. However, don’t feel threatened by the skill too much, as the blades can be blocked with a good enough shield. The skill only does around 70 damage, so a solid shield and great physical armor defense will trivialize this skill.

(1 of 2) Run from the screaming skull move the boss does, as it will kill you.

Run from the screaming skull move the boss does, as it will kill you. (left), The blades are a frequently repeated attack from the Fell Sicklescythe box that you can block. (right)

Meanwhile, the Skull Bomb is the wipe mechanic. If this ability hits you, expect it to take around 200-300 magical damage in one hit. The best way to avoid being hit is to continue to move, or line of sight the boss so the skull hits cover some distance away from you. Alternatively, you can keep moving while the skull comes towards you, and it should explode after a short timer in the air.

When you don’t need to run or learn to parry and block the Scythe throw attack, you can then trade hits with the boss. No matter if you’re using a staff, wand, bow, or melee weapon, the time between attacks is the best time to fight back.

If you want some extra opportunities to hit the boss, feel free to use the Fire Wisp Scrolls. These scrolls drop from vases in the Kindlewastes Tower vases, alongside sun temples, flame sanctums, and other such POIs like that. You can use these wisps to summon somewhat healthy wisps that deal damage and get aggro from the boss. Typically, the boss rotates through one in order before coming back to you. So, if you’re struggling, consider grabbing a few of those spells before departing.

Also, don’t forget your basic bandages, health potions and other consumables if you’re struggling. You can also make leather when you get to the laboratory and create one of the end-game armor sets for your build to make it easier to fight end-game enemies

Once the boss is dead, you can grab the prize, the Fell Sicklescythe head. Feel free to store it as you await the Flame level or slap it on your mantlepiece and get those new comfort bonuses. This concludes everything you need to know about the Fell Sicklescythe head in Enshrouded.

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