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All Enshrouded Weapons: Crafted and Loot Drops

Craig Robinson

Weapons are an important part of Enshrouded’s Progression system, enabling you to empower your builds and get stronger as the game goes on. However, the weapons in the game tend to reveal themselves as you level up, run chests farms, defeat bosses, and unlock new crafting recipes. This guide aims to show you all the weapons in Enshrouded we’ve found so far, how much damage you can expect to do, alongside how to get the weapons.

A guide on all Enshrouded Weapons for all weapon types, with tips on how to get them. Image via Keen.

All Weapons in Enshrouded

You’ll notice a common theme that weapons in Enshrouded are often found using the same strategies, killing bosses, looting chests, and crafting. The bosses seem to have a drastically higher chance to award legendary versions of weapons, and so is something you want to do fairly often when you visit certain POIs for appropriate level gear.

You can find bosses in the following locations:

  • Hill of Scavengers - Level 9 Northern Springlands POI.
  • Vukah Ceremony Hill - Level 7 camp southeast of the Low Meadows Tower.
  • Glennswood’s End - Level 15 Scavenger Camp in the very northwest corner of Revelwood.
  • Fawnsong Frontier - Scavenger base in the southeast quadrant of the Revelwood, directly south of the Pike capital City.
  • Wyvern - Level 18 Boss located in the Imperial Gardens in the Pike Capital city, northeast corner of Revelwood.
  • Pillars of Creation - Level 18 mountain range inside the Nomad Highlands containing Vukah Boss.
  • Lupa’s Lair - Southwest corner of the Nomad Highlands, requires level 20.
  • Vukah Sacrifice Hill - Level 25 Vukah boss located in the very northeast corner of the Nomad Highlands.

Meanwhile, Silver Chests are often found in many POIs throughout the map, including Towers and Vaults. You can also find Golden Chests in certain Elixir Wells and near certain mini bosses, such as the ones listed above.

With that out of the way, you can find a table of contents for all weapon types in Enshrouded below.

All Melee Weapons in Enshrouded

The damage of the weapons can scale, depending on if it is a weapon that frequently drops across Biomes. However, most weapons are typically locked to certain spawn strategies and loot tables, and so, their weapon damage is often fairly consistent. This is why we’ve listed damage on the table, but it may not be entirely accurate depending on your loot luck.

There are a few unique items on this list, with Lupa’s Scalper, Wailing Blade, and Fenrig’s Axe all having set spawns.

Weapon Power Location
Aerostriker 60 Late game two-handed Mace that drops from chests in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes.
Bronze Sword 22 Early game sword often found from Silver Chests in the Springlands, Low Meadows, and Revelwood.
Club of Defiance 66 Late game two-handed mace that drops from chests in Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. You can find early-level versions in Revelwood.
Enhanced Spike Club 26 Requires Copper bars to unlock at the Blacksmith.
Executioner’s Axe 16 Two-handed weapon often found in early game chests.
Fang Blade 40 One-handed sword that deals largely cutting damage, with minor piercing and Ice damage. It is looted from chests around the Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes.
Feathered Mace 14 Low-quality, one-handed mace that drops from Fell enemies in the Shroud.
Fenrig’s Axe 11 Early game unique axe that drops from the cave to the south of Fenrig’s farm, located on the northwest side of the Springlands.
Guillotine 48 Two-Handed Melee weapon that drops from chests in Revelwood. Can also be found as boss loot rewards from the early and mid-game bosses. Damage adjusts based on level.
Hatchet 11 Early game axe weapon, looted from chests and enemies.
Iron Claw Club 41 End game Club craft from the Blacksmith. Requires Iron Bars.
Ice Blade 44 Legendary quality end game one handed sword that uses cutting, piercing and ice damage. We found it in the Kindlewastes. We got it from the gold chest next to the iron mine in the southeast corner of the zone, located in level 5 Shroud.
Jezmina’s Apotheosis 34 Legendary one-handed Axe that provides cutting and fire damage effects. Obtained by defeating the Vukah boss in Nomad Highlands’ Pillars of Creation POI.
Lupa’s Scalper 37 Level 18 unique weapon looted from the cave in Raven’s Keep, Nomad Highlands.
Mace-like Club 34 Bronze Bar craft from the Blacksmith.
Masterful Mace 21 Early-game mace that is often found in chests.
Meat Chopper 47 One-handed Weapon that drops from silver chests in the Kindlewastes Desert.
Metalstar Mace 34 Piercing and blunt weapon, looted from the Nomad Highlands / later Revelwood chests.
Misfortune Mace 34 Mace is often found in the chests, and boss loot rewards from the early mid-game chests in the north of the Springlands and Revelwood biome.
Noble Sword 38 Epic sword that often appears as loot inside the Pike Capital City in Revelwood.
Provisional Scythe 14 Low-quality axe that drops from the Scavenger melee enemies in the Springlands.
Scrappy Sword 16 Early-game sword craft from the Blacksmith.
Sharpened Broadsword 17 Low-quality early-game sword that drops from Fell enemies in the Shroud.
Spiked Club 17 Early-game Blacksmith weapon.
Stonewrought Sword 23 Level 16 ish sword that drops from Revelwood Chests and enemies.
Tainted Axe 13 Early-game one-handed axe that often drops in epic quality. You can find this from Silver Chests and Boss Enemies in the Springlands.
Twin Soul Mace 29 A Mace weapon that is often found in early to mid-game chests in Towers and other POIs around Revelwood.
Wailing Blade 14 A unique legendary sword is found in the Scavenger Stash Poi to the west of the Springlands. It is part of the Blacksmith questline beginning from a journal at the Alchemist Vault.
Wolf’s Claw 29 One-handed Axe found from Revelwood POI silver chests.

All Staves in Enshrouded

Staves allow you to cast spells from your inventory and deal tremendous damage.

Staves are very limited in their variety but appear fairly often to players if they loot chests and fight boss enemies. Remember that you need spells in your inventory to cast, while also managing your mana bar. You can read more about how spells and magic works in Enshrouded here.

Stave Power Location
Elder’s Staff 47 Staff drop from end game zones.
Root Staff 17 Level 5 Staff looted from chests. Higher-level upgrades can be found in other biomes.
Shepherd’s Lightning 20 Level 7 Staff drop from chests and magical enemies.
Shroud Weaver 55 Legendary quality end game fire staff that drops from gold chests in Kindlewastes We got it from an Elixir Well in the Level 6 Flame Shroud area to the southeast corner of the zone.
Spiritual Cane 17 Early game staff craft from the Alchemist.
Undergrowth Staff 34 Level 16 weapon that drops from chests in Revelwood and Nomad Highlands.
Vaporous Staff 20 Early game Staff that drops from the Vukah enemies in the Low Meadows and northern Springlands.

All Wands in Enshrouded

We didn’t provide damage details for Wands since there are limited wands and the levels they drop at drastically affect the damage quality on the weapon. It’s more the damage type you’re interested in for Wand to scale with your damage multipliers in the Wizard Class Skill Tree.

Wand Location
Apprentice Wand Higher level wand that drops from chests. It contains higher than normal mana regeneration and higher ice damage.
Crackling Wand early Fire wand found from chests.
Blazing Wand Level 25 pure fire wand that drops from chests in Kindelwastes. We got it from the Oasis Chest as part of the Oasis Chest.
Frozen Core Wand Early game ice wand often looted from boss and chests in the Springlands and Low Meadows.
Helix Level 25 legendary Shroud wand found from looting Sun Temples in the Kindlewastes end-game dungeons.
Infernal Wand Mid-game damage-oriented wand looted from chests.
Scorching Wand Game fire wands that often drop from boss enemies and chests.
Silver Storm Ice and Shock mixed wand that drops from Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes enemies and chests.

All Bows in Enshrouded

Bows are often defined by their arrow speeds and stamina cost. Make sure to find the bow with your preferred style of shooting to make your build feel better for you.

Bows enable solid burst damage builds, regardless of whether you hit a distant or close-range target.

Bow Power Location
Brisk Bow 20 A bow with 33% arrow speed, one of the fastest bows in the game. Drops from chests in the Shrouded areas of the Umbral Hollow in Nomad Highlands.
Composite Bow 20 Drops from one of the bosses in Nomad Highlands.
Draconian Bow 22 Grey quality unique weapon that you get for completing the Draconian quest in Nomad Highlands.
Fell Commander Bow 22 Legendary Quality Bow that drops from the Lost in the Shroud quest starting in Pikemead’s Peak.
Forest Longbow 10 Early game long-range bow found in chests.
Hunter’s Bow 10 Medium range bow with faster arrow speed. Often found in early-game chests.
Ornate Wood Bow 11 Early game bow drop from chests in Towers and Vaults. Often drops as an epic bow in the Springlands Chests.
Tarred Bow 27 Level 18 bow found in Nomad Highland Chests.
Wildwood Shortbow 9 Level 5 bow looted from chests.
Wolf’s Snarl Longbow 24 Mid to late-game bow that drops from boss enemies and chests around Nomad Highlands and Revelwood.

These are all the weapons we’ve found in our playthrough so far, hopefully you find one here that can enrich your build or perhaps that has that certain style you’ve been seeking.

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