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Loom for the Hunter Guide - Enshrouded

Matt Chard

When you reach the third biome of Enshrouded, you’ll get a quest to retrieve a loom for the Hunter, Athalan Skree. This can be difficult to find because it does not have its location on the map. In short, the loom is in the East Lapis Town, which is situated on the far east of the map. Before you can get there, though, you’ll need to do a few things. Read on to find out where you can find the loom, and what it can do.

The Loom can be found in East Lapis, Kindlewastes.

East Lapis Loom Location - Enshrouded

The loom is in the East Lapis town in the Kindlewastes (4th biome). To get where East Lapis is, your Flame Altar must be at least level 5 to get past the Deadly Shroud separating the divide between Nomad Highlands and the Kindlewastes. You’ll need the following items to do this:

Once your Flame Altar is level 5, fast travel to the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire, then glide southeast to the reddish brown area of the Kindlewastes, behind the Fanning Ranch. Here, you will find a tunnel leading to the east. Follow the stone path through the tunnel, past the small encampment, into the Shroud briefly (which will be deadly unless the Flame Altar is level 5), and past the Caravan Camp on your left (there’s a book here related to the Farmer’s quest). Stay on the path, and you’ll eventually reach Brittlebush. There’s plenty to do here, and it’ll even have a respawn beacon near the entrance, but for now, continue east through the town, and then across the large bridge in town. You can run through this area despite the abundance of enemies, just make sure you don’t stop.

(1 of 6) Glide to the cave southeast of the Nomad Highlands fast travel.

When you reach the other side of the bridge, head southeast until you see a stone path, then follow it through the Shroud to the east, southeast onto the dust path, and then east onto the stone path again at the intersection. Follow this path until the Shroud darkens, and you’ll reach a respawn beacon (with an Elixir Well nearby). Now, take the stone path northwest until you reach a small stone marker near some tall mushrooms, and leave the path to head north. You’ll find three small ledges where you can jump up to reach a dusty path. Head northeast up this path and you’ll eventually leave the Shroud. Follow the path around up to the northwest and it’ll lead to a cave. Head through the cave, taking its winding paths up and exiting the other side. There is a boatload of Iron Ore in this cave if you need it, so make sure you fill your bags first.

(1 of 6) The stone path you’re on will converge with a dusty path. Follow the dusty path until the next intersection.

After exiting the cave, follow the dusty path north to find a large stone wall with a respawn beacon parked outside. This is the entrance to the East Lapis town. Head northeast through the lower part of town until you reach a broken bridge. Now either jump across the bridge and head into the house on your left (Weaver’s Cottage) while contending with many enemies or drop off the broken bridge, follow the northern wall to find a hole that leads right to the loom via a hole in the foundation. You’ll find many Critters along the way here, including one which explodes upon death. If you take the former route, run into the house via the main door, head to the northwest corner of the first floor, and drop into a hole in the floor to the east (right) of the room. There you have it, the Loom required for the Hunter’s quest.

(1 of 6) Stay on the path until you reach the East Lapis town entrance.

What does the Loom do in Enshrouded?

The only function of the Loom is to process Fabric. Although that may not sound like a lot, this in turn lets you craft Padding via the Hunter, which then lets you craft the best armor sets that she has to offer, which are the Assassin, Deadeye, and Deerstalker sets. Aside from the armor, it also allows you to craft different color fabrics which can be used in a variety of recipes.

(1 of 2) The Loom allows you to craft Fabric from Linen.

The Loom allows you to craft Fabric from Linen. (left), This can be used to craft Padding, which is then used to craft the armor sets from the Hunter. (right)

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