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How to Get Saffron in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Saffron is one of the organic resources players can find as they reach the Kindlewastes Biome in Enshrouded. You’re going to need a lot of Saffron if you intend to increase your Flame Altar to Level 6, granting you access to the deepest and darkest parts of the Shroud. Furthermore, Saffron is also needed for various cooking recipes, and red fabrics for certain productions of armor and furnishing. So, with no further ado, we are here to help you get Saffron in Enshrouded, offering the best location tips and farming strategies we’ve come across.

Where to Find Saffron in Enshrouded

For the most part, Saffron is often located all over the place in the Kindlewaste Biome. It is essentially this biome’s equivalent of Flax, where players will grab it willy-nilly as they explore their surroundings. However, there are a few really good farming spots that you can come across to find many clumps of Saffron in distinct areas.

The best location we have found for farming Saffron in Enshrouded is to the south of the Kindlewastes. Follow the overland routes of Highlands towards the farming settlement POIs of Sunsimmer Souterrain, then explore the deserts to its north and east. The entire area has patches of around 7-12 different Saffron Nodes you can pick. Follow the desert all the way over to where the distant Fossilized Bone deposits are, directly west of the Kindlewaste Ancient Tower. If you don’t come out with 40 over that long stretch of land - I’ll be shocked on your behalf. If you have the Tower unlocked feel free to do this farm backwards.

(1 of 3) We recommend following this general red line as an indicator of a solid area on the map to get Saffron. You can even farm this by flying west from the Kindle Tower fast travel hotspot.

If you want to farm it yourself for whatever purpose, you can plant Saffron Seeds in Farm beds and Soil. To make Saffron Seeds, you need to craft a Seedbed from the Farmer, then use 1 Water, 1 Saffron and 1 Fertilized Farm Soil. Fertilized Farm Spoil unlocks when you can access these materials from the Farmer: 10 Sand, 2 Fossilized Bone Dust and 3 Nitrate, which you’ll need to craft 15 Fertilized Farm Soil. You can find Nitrate randomly from Kindlewaste lootables, alongside crafting it at the Laboratory. We have a guide on that if you need it.

How to Use Saffron in Enshrouded

Saffron is primarily used to increase your Flame Altar to level 6, the highest point in early access (at the time of writing). However, it can also be used to create Spice at the Laboratory, which helps to make high-quality materials for crafting bandages, explosives, and cooking recipes. It is also used to create Yellow Fabric from the Hunter. Yellow Fabric is a required material for the Warlock set, which is a crafted end-game armor set for Wand builds. If you’re into the building side of Enshrouded, then Saffron is used as ink in certain Decorative hangings too, from the Carpenter.

Making Spice is very important for certain consumables, as it can be used to create Glow Soup, which is a 45-minute long food buff that grants 5 Intelligence and 60 Shroud Protection. It can also be used to create Stir-Fried Vegetables, a 45-minute food buff granting 5 Dexterity. So, these are foods you will certainly want to use if you’re using a Wand or Mage build, or even a Ranged Assassin build.

This about summarizes everything you need to know on how to get Saffron in Enshrouded. Good luck getting this item regardless of what you are using it for.

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