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How to Get Flax

Craig Robinson

Flax is an important resource for many crafting recipes in Enshrouded, as you need it to make Linen. Linen is the hail-Mary of crafting gear for padding and making your own water wells, along with other bits and bobs around your base. To assist you with the much-needed Linen grind, we are here to help you with the best locations to get Flax in Enshrouded.

Flax grows all over the Revelwood, but the Lush Pasture has an excellent concentration of Flax.

Where to find Flax in Enshrouded

The most important thing to note about Flax is that it grows everywhere in the Revelwood biome. You can identify the plant by its blue flower markings appearing from the ground. In general, feel free to run around everywhere and anywhere in the biome, and you’ll likely see a shade of blue sticking out.

We recommend running these Flax farms as the best way to get Flax in Enshrouded.

However, there are a few recommended spots that seem to have a nice density of flax. The first location we recommended is going northwest from the Revelwood Tower. North of Diadwyn, and just to the southwest of the Hunter Camp in the cave, you’ll find a few bluffs. Around the Stony bluff, you’ll get about 5 Flax in a very small region. You can also visit the farming settlement of Diadwyn, as you’ll find at least three nodes on the Farmbeds in that village too. This gives you at least 8 guaranteed nodes, on top of any other Flax plant you find in the wider area or by traveling between these two Flax hotspots.

The other suggestion we have for dense amounts of Flax is to the southwest of the Revelwood. Go towards where you found the Ancient Obelisk, and then travel around that southern area to find a few more nodes of Flax.

Another good location to get flax is around the farming settlement of Lush Pasture. You can find this by gliding southeast from the Revelwood Tower. When you land, look for a small farming allotment with one or two buildings and large farming beds. Around the northwest side of the town, you can find three clumps of Flax spawns, with some more around the distant edges. You should find around 5 nodes on the outskirts of the POI’s northern road, the clay pit and to the western road. This farm is also good for getting Indigo Plant, another material you need to upgrade your Flame Level.

The other recommended area we suggest going is to the map in the image below. The wider around Glennswood End has a few nodes on its southwest, along with a few nodes near the shroud area. You can also find another three in a row to the direct eat of Glennswood along the hill slope going towards more Shroud.

You can find around six by following the locations of these red spots around Glennswood in the very northwest of the Revelwood.

If you need a more reliable method of acquiring Flax, you can also create Flax Seeds. You need two Water and one Flax to create ten seeds. You can then plant the ten seeds, and they will take between 15-30 minutes of growth in real playtime, which makes them an incredibly easy plant to farm if you dedicate some time to setting up your own farming beds in your base. This is by and large what you want to do to create a steady supply of Flax for your Linen needs.

You can plant your own Flax by creating Seedbeds and Farmbeds in your base.

And there you have it, this concludes the best ways to get Flax in Enshrouded.

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