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How to Get Fell Monstrosity Head

Craig Robinson

The Fell Monstrosity is the next big bad boss of the Fell. You’ll need to go out of your way and hunt this abject creature down for those added Comfort trophies to your base, alongside progressing the Flame Level. However, this mysterious monster is hidden in the Nomad Highlands, and you will need to go and hunt very specific POIs in the shroud to get the Fell Monstrosity and its Head in Enshrouded.

Fell Monstrosity Heads in Enshrouded is a trophy mount drop from defeating the new boss in Nomad Highlands.

Fell Monstrosity Locations

From our experience, there are two decent locations to find the Fell Monstrosity Head in Enshrouded:

  1. Elixir Well in the Shroud
  2. Cradle of Dusk

(1 of 2) The Cradle is a POI located at the northeast side of the Nomad Highlands.

The Cradle is a POI located at the northeast side of the Nomad Highlands. (left), You can find one of the Fell Monstrosity Heads in the Elixir Well by the shrouded village of the Umbral. (right)

The Cradle of Dusk is likely the first place you’ll find the Fell Monstrosity, as it is a camp near the Nomad Highland Spire, and the Fortification POI you get from the Pike. Simply travel west, northwest from the Spire, and you’ll come across the tiny camp in a small pocket of Shroud. If you’ve not unlocked the Spire, then follow the Highland routes through the north, and you’ll work your way around that region. If you’re stuck in the shroud, you’ll find plenty of cave passages as you stick close to the cliff side of the shrouded parts to elevate up.

The other location is the Elixir Well in the large shroud pit near the town of Umbral Hollow. The Umbral Hollow is easily located in the large pit encased in Shroud in the central, east part of the Nomad Highlands. Feel free to check the second image above as a reference.

Fell Monstrosity Boss Guide

No matter which POI you’ve chosen, you’ll find the Monstrosity at the heart of it. The creature is fairly tanky, and has a few moves you need to be mindful of:

  1. Triple Shroud Bolts
  2. Shroud Area
  3. Shroud Shower

The Triple Shroud bolts are the creature’s main attack. It will open its chests, and then begin to fire at you three times. The best way to avoid it is by choosing to go either left or right, and then dodging back the way you came from. The reason why is that the creature will lock on to you for the first two attacks, with the third attack going in the same direction you went originally. So, by dodging one direction and then switching to the other, you guarantee you don’t get hit by any of the attacks.

The other few attacks you need to be mindful of are the Shroud area attacks. The boss will jump on the spot, signaling the raining down of shroud bolts in the area. It will also leave behind a giant AOE indicator where there’s a deadly Shrouded spot you need to avoid walking into if you have low Shroud time. It’s likely not much of an issue if you’re in the Cradle, but it might be if you’re in the Elixir Wells fighting the boss.

With that said, you now know the main tactics and how to avoid dying to them. Continue to chip away at the Fell Monstrosity, and you’ll eventually defeat it. Among its corpse you will find the Fell Monstrosity Head, which is needed for the Flame Level 5 progression, and your new mantelpiece trophy as a comfort award for your troubles. And there you have it; you now know how to get the Fell Monstrosity Head in Enshrouded.

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