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How to Find Mint Mushroom Meat in Enshrouded

Matt Chard

Mint Mushroom Meat is a material you’ll need a fair bit of when you reach the Nomad Highlands. This material is used in various recipes such as the Hunter and Sharpshooter armor sets, and the Magician set. You’ll also need a large amount of it to strengthen your Flame Altar to level five. You can find Mint Mushroom Meat all over the Nomad Highlands, but there are some places better than others. Read on to find out the best location to find Mint Mushroom Meat, and what you use it for.

Mint Mushroom Meat can be acquired by chopping down the various trees, sacks, and plants in the Shrouds of Nomad Highlands.

Where to Find Mint Mushroom Meat

Mint Mushroom Meat can be found in the Shroud of the Nomad Highlands. It’s obtained by chopping down either the trees (similar to obtaining Shroud Wood) or the large green sack-like objects scattered around the Shroud. If you’re after a lot of Mint Mushroom Meat, you’ll want to head into the Shroud area called the Umber Hollow, which is situated around the north center of the Nomad Highlands. However, you can find pockets of Shroud all around the highlands, and these will serve you better if you just need a few pieces of the material here and there.

Chopping the plants and trees in the Shroud will drop green materials, similar to how trees drop wooden logs.

Umber Hollow Location

Umber Hollow is a large area taken over by the Shroud. There are multiple ways into the place, but most of them will involve dropping off a cliff or taking a Vukah passage. However, there is a path that leads into it by heading southwest from the Fanning Ranch, which is situated to the southeast of the Nomad Highlands fast-travel. Glide from the Spire southwest, and you’ll find Fanning Ranch. From there, head southwest until you find a path, and then follow the dusty path southwest until you reach a stone path. Ignore the path, and continue southwest until you reach another stone path. Once again, ignore the path, and drop off the cliff to find another dusty path. Continue heading southwest, dropping off the cliffs (may need to glide to avoid fall damage), and you’ll find one more stone path which will be located in Umber Hollow. This time, follow it southeast, and it’ll wrap around to the northwest. Continue following it into Umber Hollow, and you’ll find all the Mint Mushroom Meat you need. Alternatively, if you have the Extraordinary Glider, you can glide directly south from the Spire to reach the entrance, bypassing the above directions.

(1 of 3) Glide to Fanning Ranch, and then head southwest to the Umber Hollow Entrance.

Bounty Barn Shroud Pockets Location

Bounty Barn is a desolate farm located a fair distance south of the Nomad Highlands Spire, so you might want to place a Flame Altar around there at some point. Make your way to Bounty Barn by either gliding from the Spire or running there. When you get there, you’ll find four small pockets of Shroud where you’ll only be enshrouded for the time it takes you to chop the trees and sacks. Because of their small size, you won’t get as much as from Umber Hollow, but it’s normally enough for a recipe or two. You can head up to the Elixir Well atop the small mountain nearby for even more meat.

(1 of 6) Bounty Barn can be found to the far east of Nomad Highlands, south of the Spire.

Southwest Ancient Spire Shroud Pocket

This is a small Shroud pocket all by its lonesome. You should only use this place when you’re a little meat short of a recipe, and you don’t want to go out of your way to farm a lot of it. The best part about this spot is it can be seen from the Spire, and it’s only a short glide away from it. That means you can drop in, get the meat, and get out just as quickly. There are plenty more Shroud pockets scattered around the highlands, but these are our favorite spots due to quantity (Umber Hollow), ease of access (Southwest Spire), or a mixture of both (Bounty Barn).

(1 of 2) This spot is next to the Nomad fast-travel, so you can glide over quickly, get a little meat, and then go back to your base.

This spot is next to the Nomad fast-travel, so you can glide over quickly, get a little meat, and then go back to your base. (left), The Shroud pocket is as short glide southwest from the Spire. It’s opposite the large encampment there. (right)

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