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How to Get Iron Ore in Enshrouded

Craig Robinson

Iron Ore is one of the final levels of ore you need as part of your progression in Enshrouded. From using it to improve your Flame Level to level 6, alongside crafting new base parts, armor, and weapons. To assist you with some of the best Iron Ore Farms in Enshrouded, we are here to help deliver you some options.

Here is a guide on how to get Iron Ore in Enshrouded.

Where to find Iron Ore in Enshrouded

The best places to find Iron Ore in Enshrouded, especially when you reach flame level 5 are as follows. You can find both of these locations on our map image below.

  • Ridgeback Mine - Southwest from the Kindlewastes Tower inside the shroud
  • Cave Passage - Southeast from the Kindlewastes Tower, directly south of the Oasis.

You can fly to these two locations to get Iron Ore in Enshrouded fairly reliably.

The Cave Passage is a very safe and secluded area of the Kindlewastes, located in a small cave passage against a rock, just above the Shroud level 6 fog. You can enter the very top of this cave passage, and then start mining the small strip of Iron Ore inside the cave. A full mine will yield around 35 Iron Ore. When you reach level 6 Flame Level, there’s a few more Iron Ore deposits further down the Cave Passage you can grab with few Shroud Critters guarding inside.

On the other hand, you can get a lot more Iron Ore from the Ridgeback Mine. This is a mining POI located in the shroud to the southwest of the Kindlewastes Tower. However, be warned the entire area is shrouded, and there are few decent pockets to escape it. If you mine this location, we strongly advise wearing gear that shortens your Shroud Time, while also using shroud potions to extend your time inside. This will enable you to mine the various pockets of Iron Ore all over the POI, from the sides of it to inside the mine area itself.

The other important thing to note is that there is a Sicklescythe enemy that guards the hotspot of Iron Ore. This is one of the final bosses in the game, and it will deal serious damage. It has two main attacks that it will use against you. Scythe throw can be blocked with a high level shield easily. The other attack is an explosive skull that follows you for a short duration. You need to run this out, as it can deal around 300 damage per explosion. It is a short timer, though, so as long as you keep your distance from it, you’ll be fine.

Shroud Level 6 Iron Ore Farms

It goes without saying that once you mine these sources of Iron Ore, and upgrade your Flame Level, you will gain access to the remaining shrouded locations for the Kindlewastes. It opens up even more Iron Ore deposits, with another location in the very south being an ideal spot. Follow the pathway all the way to the south, and you’ll come across a small fishing dock near the lava. You’ll find a few locations of iron on the floor and inside the hill near the road you walked down. If you need to get air and reset your Shrouded timer, there’s a climbing platform to the east you can ascend, reset your timer, and loot a golden chest while you’re there too.

(1 of 3) You can find this Enshrouded Iron Ore location on the cave passage here on the map.

Another decent spot for Iron Ore in Enshrouded is the northern cave passage. When on your way toward the bluff plateau that East Lapis is on, players will need to go through a cave passage to climb up and down the verticality. Players will find this pretty naturally if they travel north from the Kindlewastes Tower for example. When inside, there are some more critters to kill, but, you’ll find a few clumps of Iron in the wall. It’s pretty much the same story as the cave passage we recommended near the Oasis at the start of the Iron Ore guide, but there’s no cheeky spots.

And there you have it, you now know the locations of the easiest and biggest deposits of Iron Ore in Enshrouded that you can get with your level 5 Flame.

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