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Farming & Seed Guide: How to Make Your Own Farm

Craig Robinson

Farming is one of the aspects of the base building part of Enshrouded. Players can make their own farming plots, capable of using seeds to grow the plants they need for their crafting purposes. However, unlike most other survival games, Enshrouded’s farming system has a few extra steps. To assist with getting your farms established, our Enshrouded Farming Guide will help you make your first farming settlement.

Farming plots in Enshrouded.

How to Make a Farm and Plant Seeds in Enshrouded

To make farms by planting seeds in Enshrouded, you need to do the following:

  1. Recruit the Farmer from her vault in the northwestern reaches of the Grasslands.

  2. Summon the Farmer in your base.

  3. Craft an Empty Farmbed at the Farmer - Requires five Wood Logs per area.

  4. Craft at least 3 sets of Farm Soil. This requires seven Dirt and three Bonemeals. You can get Bonemeal from grinding bones or looting chests and vases in vaults, spires, and shrines around the Low Meadows, Springlands, and Revelwood areas. Note that each craft grants ten Farm Soil.

  5. Craft a Seed Bed. Requires 10 Wood Logs, 2 Metal Scraps, and 10 Farm Soil

  6. Place the Seed Bed and turn the plant you want to farm into seeds.

  7. Place the Farmbeds on the land you want to turn into a farming spot. - Helps designate an area you want to use for farming.

  8. Rake the land so that it is even.

  9. Place spare Farm Soil in the Farmbed. Cover it the best you can to avoid spacing issues. - This is somewhat decorative as most plants can grow on any terrain anyway. However, Fertilized Farm Soil does increase your growing speeds of all plants, so its advised to place Soil down when possible.

  10. Plant your seeds in the Farm beds you’ve placed down.

  11. Let the plants grow over time.

How Many Seeds Per Farm Plot?

While the list above covers the essentials, there are a few things you need to know in a bit more detail. A properly laid out Farmbed can take around 16 - 25 seeds if you space them out evenly enough, depending on the seed you’re planting. Flax can hit that 20+ range, while Bushes will be closer to that 16 mark. However, if the ground is slightly bumpy, or the Farm Soil is not spread out well enough, it may give you ineligible placements. We strongly advise raking the land, and being overly generous, placing Farm Soil around a Farmbed to ensure you get a fully functioning farm slot.

In addition, it takes around 15 minutes for your seeds to grow into plants. You’ll start noticing the image of the plants change around eight minutes in and if you have a Berry Bush, they’ll typically turn into bushes with Twigs and Plant Fiber at this time. Wait another 7-10 minutes, and you typically have a fully grown plant. Note that the timing on each plant is slightly different as some of the newer plants can change their images quicker than plants that have been in the soil for a tiny bit longer.

You can plant many different seeds by first discovering the plant or mushroom and then placing it in the Seedbed.

Enshrouded Seeds List

Seed Recipe
Aloe Sand, Aloe, Nitrate, Water
Aureolin Flower Water, Aureolin Flower, Bonemeal
Azure Russula Shroud Liquid x2, Azure Russula, Fossilized Bone Dust
Beet Farm Soil and Forest Beet
Bell Pepper 2x Water, Bell Pepper, 2x Fossilized Bone Dust
Berry Bush Seedling Farm Soil, Purple Berry, Water
Broadleaf Tree Farm Soil, Twig
Chamomile Water, Chamomile
Corn 3x Water, Corncob
Evergreen Tree Farm Soil, Twigs, Water
Flax 2x Water, Flax
Grapple Plant Water, Grapple PlanT, sAND
Indigo Water, Indigo Plant, Farm Soil
Nettle Stinging Nettle
Red Mushroom Bonemeal, Red Mushroom
Rooibos Water, Rooibos, Fossilized Bone Dust
Saffron Water, Saffron, Fertilized Farm Soil
Sage Water, Sage Leaves, Bonemeal
Shrub Plant Fiber
Strawberry Water, Strawberry, Farm Soil
Sugar Cane 2x Water, Sugar Cane, Farm Soil
Tomato Water, Tomato
Wheat Water, Wheat Grains, Fossilized Bone Dust

The above table shows the types of seeds you can make at the time of writing. All of these can be planted in a Farmbed. However, the soil may be slightly different depending on the needs of the pant. For example, any plant found growing in sand will likely require sand to create the seeds for it. However, it seems that all seeds can grow in any soil or terrain from our testing.

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