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All Ancient Vault Locations & Walkthroughs: Unlocking Craftspeople

Craig Robinson

Enshrouded has a unique feature for a survival game, offering players NPC companions, each with their own theme, questline, and purpose for your crafting and survival needs. However, to begin progressing the game’s crafting and building features, you will need to rescue each of the craftspeople by freeing them from their vault. To help you through this, allowing you to unlock all the craftspeople in Enshrouded, we have a map and details to help you find all Ancient Vaults. On this page, we’ll take you through how to begin their questlines and make the most of what they have to offer in crafting.

All Ancient Vault Locations in Enshrouded

In total, there are five Ancient Vault Locations in Enshrouded. These are:

You’ll typically unlock each one in an order via the main questline. So, we recommend completing the quests you are given. However, if you want to get them sooner, then you can do. Just be aware that some are protected by higher-level enemies or gated by the Shroud.

Feel free to click on the relevant Ancient Vault you need to find info on where to find that Ancient Vault location in Enshrouded, alongside any puzzles you need to solve to free the NPC.

Ancient Vault - Blacksmith Location and Walkthrough

To unlock the Blacksmith Ancient Vault, simply complete the main story and visit the Ancient Tower in the Springlands. You’ll get notified to go to the Ancient Vault and rescue the Blacksmith to the south of the Tower. You can easily get here by crossing over from the broken bridge north of where the game suggests that you should establish your first base.

(1 of 2) The Ancient Vault - Blacksmith is a small room offering a quick tutorial on how craft people work in Enshrouded.

The Ancient Vault - Blacksmith is a small room offering a quick tutorial on how craft people work in Enshrouded. (left), The Blacksmith’s Ancient Vault location is directly north of the main bridge and south of the Springlands Tower. (right)

Head over, and you’ll find a few level 1 Scavengers defending the place. Head inside and deal with the first few guards. To the right, you’ll find a secret door with a button on it, hiding a silver chest with loot inside. On the left side, you’ll find the pod that contains the Blacksmith. Use the Summoning Staff at your base, and you will be able to spawn in the Blacksmith.

That’s the first of the Ancient Vaults in Enshrouded completed. Simples.

Ancient Vault - Alchemist Location and Walkthrough

The Alchemist is the next one you are tasked with finding, requiring you to travel westward from the base and follow the mountain pathways. When you reach the western reaches of the Springlands, you’ll come across the Alchemist Vault. You can also glide across from the Springlands Ancient Vault, going directly west to reach this location by the mountainside.

(1 of 2) The Alchemist is a slightly better defended Vault, with Scavenger enemies patrolling the internal and external Alchemist base.

The Alchemist is a slightly better defended Vault, with Scavenger enemies patrolling the internal and external Alchemist base. (left), You can find the Alchemist Ancient Vault on the far west side of the Springlands. (right)

Upon arrival, you’ll come across a large Scavenger base, containing a range of Crossbow units, Mortar units, and your standard melee Scavenger units. These enemies will be around level 3. There are a few chests and lootables for resources around the Towers and guard posts, too, if you want to get them.

When you enter the Vault itself, travel through and keep an eye on the false wall with buttons to get silver chests. When you go around the thin corridors, you’ll come across a large room with a few more Scavenger guards near the main stairs. Defeat them and go up the stairs. Continue following the pathways along, and you’ll find a few more guards in the room labeled Alchemist Location. Rescue the Alchemist, and go up the stairs, open the door, and get an easy glide back outside point. Go back to your base and place the Alchemist in your base.

Ancient Vault - Hunter Buttons Location and Walkthrough

The next one you can grab when you feel like it is by rescuing the Huntress from her Vault directly to the east of the Grasslands Tower.

(1 of 2) Make your way through the Vukah beast guards, avoid the lightning traps, solve the silver chest puzzle and rescue the Hunter all in a day’s work.

Make your way through the Vukah beast guards, avoid the lightning traps, solve the silver chest puzzle and rescue the Hunter all in a day’s work. (left), The Hunter’s Ancient Vault is another well-defended POI directly east of the Springlands Spire. (right)

Be warned, as this one is guarded by the Vukah enemy type. These are level 3 enemies, so they shouldn’t pose much threat if you’ve crafted gear and have decent weapons. Go through the ruined area and make your way towards the entrance of the Ancient Vault.

When inside, you have a slightly more puzzling challenge ahead of you. The Vault is rife with electric traps, alongside switches you need to activate to proceed through an optional reward. Go through the electric trap hazard and then walk up the stairs to start finding the switches. The switch locations are as follows:

  1. Directly to the right of the stairs on the pillar.
  2. Go right from the stairs, then turn left and go through the metal door. The switch is on the right wall of the room.
  3. Directly behind you at the top of the stairs, you must grapple hook over or fire a long-range attack, such as a Staff spell or a Charged Up Arrow.

When all three switches are activated, you can go left to the main stairs, and enter the room to get the loot.

With that over, you now need to go and grab the Hunter from her Vault Location. Go to the other side of the stairs and cross the lava jumping puzzle, using the grapple point if you need to. Go up the stairs, and you’ll find the Hunter Location in her Pod. Feel free to explore the rest of the Ancient Vault - Hunter and smash the vases from some Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources if you want to.

Ancient Vault - Farmer Location and Walkthrough

The Ancient Vault - Farmer location is to the northwestern tip of the Springlands. You can fly directly northwest from the Springlands Tower, then walk north somewhat to come across the Farmer Vault.

(1 of 2) The Farmer’s Ancient Vault is rigged with more traps and puzzles that guard the locations of switches, preventing you from rescuing the Farmer.

The Farmer’s Ancient Vault is rigged with more traps and puzzles that guard the locations of switches, preventing you from rescuing the Farmer. (left), Players can find the Farmer’s Ancient Vault northwest of the Springlands Spire, just before the Revelwood entrance. (right)

When you enter the Farmer Vault, you can go down the stairs for some optional loot smashing and find a secret door hidden behind two vases, bearing the grapple point over the lava. It is the only reason to come down here.

When you’re ready to do the Ancient Vault - Farmer, we recommend walking up the temple steps, to the point you see the rubble on the left with the grapple hanging point. You need to collect three switches to open the door at the top of the stairs, hence the need to take the off-the-beaten track. Go that way, climb the metal railings, and enter deeper into the Vault via the hole in the wall.

The locations of the switches are as follows:

  1. When you’re done climbing the metal railings on the left side of the switched-off door, you’ll find more electric traps to bypass all the way through the corridor. Don’t forget to smash more vases, and find secret doors behind them for more treasure chests. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the switch you need.

  2. From the first switch, turn right, cross the gap and go up the stairs. You’ll find more railing to climb on the wall. You’ll enter the next floor of the Vault, with lots of smashable vases. When you’re done smashing, go to the far edge of the platform and take the double jump grappling hook to the other side. At the end of the room, you’ll find another switch.

  3. From the second switch, go through to the next part of the ledge with the smashable, to where you can see the beam going over the lava you were near earlier in the Vault. Go over the beam to find a secret silver chest hidden behind a false wall. If you go right, you’ll get more climbing frames to ascend. Follow the pathway up, go around the outside of the tower, and then open the door to enter the new area of the Tower. Avoid the spike traps and watch for their raising pattern to avoid them. At the end of the spike trap is the final switch. You can go back down the tower, enter the vault as normal, and go up to the locked door. Before you go, though, there are a few more smashable vases and locked silver chests for you to loot.

When you’re done with the loot and the switches, go back down to the now formerly locked door, and enter the room with the Farmer. Open her pod, and then you can summon her back at your base. Before you leave, there’s a grapple point in the Farmer Location pod room at the top of the stairs to the right of the door. Use this to get over to the other side and loot another silver chest.

Ancient Vault - Carpenter Location and Walkthrough

The Carpenter is the final Ancient Vault you will visit. This is for two reasons. The first is because the Alchemist eventually gives you a quest to visit the location. The other is because this is the only vault in the Low Meadows, requiring Flame Level 2 to access, along with going through Shroud and defeating level 7 enemies that defend the place.

(1 of 2) The Carpenter Vault is hidden inside the thick Shroud of the Low Meadows.

The Carpenter Vault is hidden inside the thick Shroud of the Low Meadows. (left), Before finding the Carpenter’s Ancient Vault in Enshrouded, upgrade your Flame Level to level 2. (right)

Once you have upgraded to Flame Level 2 at your base, you will need to then go towards the Low Meadows Ancient Tower and unlock that. From there, travel southwest from the Tower, and enter the Shrouded part near the Ancient Vault Carpenter.

Make your way through the Ancient Vault, and then defeat the level 7 Fell enemies along the road to the entrance of the Vault. When inside, you need to continue moving through the Shrouded cave entrance. When you enter, be careful of the swarming Critters, as they can easily surprise and kill you in here if you’re not careful. They are weak to fire and slashing weapons.

When you’re through the bug part of the cave, you’ll move into a wider area, with two floating Fell mages to shoot down. Watch for their shroud blasts, and you’ll be fine. In this part of the cave, you’ll find a small broken wooden bridge, which you can jump over. It leads to a cave-in, which you can mine through or blow up using explosives to grab a silver chest on the other side. Feel free to mine through the rubble on the other side to find the chest here. When you’re done, feel free to continue up the first pathway, towards the distant climbing wire and Shroud reset timer.

Begin climbing the wire frame, then enter the Ancient Vault - Carpenter proper. Upon reaching the top, you’ll need to mine through the rubble mound again, or blow it up with some throwable explosives. Whatever is easier for you. When the mound comes down, be careful of the Fell mages floating around inside the temple. Defeat the floating creature, and you can then rescue the Carpenter from his pod. Now it’s time to run and get out of the Shroud.

And with that, you should have all five crafting NPCs back at your base!

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