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Spells Guide: How Spells & Staffs Work & All Spells

Craig Robinson

It is unusual for a survival game to add a proper spell system, but Enshrouded has one, ranging from players being able to use staffs to cast spells, along with magical wands as a mid-range weapon to inflict magical damage to your enemies as you weave in attacks. While there’s certainly a lot going on with magical attacks, Enshrouded uses a unique mana and ammo system, which will limit how many spells you cast in the game. So, with the system being as unique as it is, we figure it is time to explore everything you need to know about Enshrouded’s magic systems, featuring a look at how spells work in Enshrouded, alongside crafting spells, mana pool and much more.

Table of Contents:

How to use Spells in Enshrouded

Spells are a unique form of magic in Enshrouded, offering you very specific long-range spell casts, spell buffs, heals, and more. However, unlike standard magic systems, the player does not initially know spells. Instead, you will craft spells from the Alchemist, or find spells from chests as you explore POIS and find loot.

(1 of 2) Spells will begin to appear randomly in chests at various POIs once you hit level 3.

Spells will begin to appear randomly in chests at various POIs once you hit level 3. (left), A guide on how Spells work in Enshrouded, featuring how to get and then cast spells. (right)

Craft or Loot a Staff

When you get your hands on a spell, players will need to cast the spell from a staff. Staffs can also be found on enemies, looted from chests, or crafted. If you do not have any spells in your inventory, then you will not be able to cast a spell. When you have a staff, feel free to place it in your hotbar, or equip the staff, and then press Q to quickly switch to your preferred range weapon to start quick casting.

It is worth mentioning that in the early game, you will find spells once you reach level 3. Make sure to reach level 3, and then basic spells like Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt and Channel Heal will start dropping from chests. Avoid crafting the basic staff until you reach level 3, as the staff is useless until that point in the game.

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Enshrouded Spell Ammo and Other Features

Now, let’s talk about spells. Spells will have a few stats on them that you need to read to understand how they work. These are:

  • Spell Ammo Count
  • Mana Cost
  • Charge Time
  • Damage
  • Level Requirement

A look at the most important stats on a spell.

What Are Eternal Spells in Enshrouded?

You can find the Enshrouded Spell Ammo count at the top right of the spell, indicating how many times you can cast the spell from your staff before you run out of that spell. It is important to note you can get Eternal spells, either as drops from boxes, such as the level 6 Eternal ice Bolt spell you get early game from loot. On the other hand, you can start crafting eternal spell ammo spells from the Alchemist at various points in the game. Eternal spells cost no Spell Ammo, menaing you get permanent spells at that spell damage, cast time, and mana cost.

Mana cost is in the middle left side of the screen, and will detail how much mana it costs to cast that spell. You can find the amount of mana you have via the blue bar under your HP bar in the top left of the UI. You can also find your exact mana count by going into your character sheet, and looking into more detail about your attributes and stats on the character screen page.

Another important stat is Charge Time, as that indicates how long you need to hold the attack button down before you can launch the attack on an enemy. Then, of course, is the damage, which tells you how much base damage the spell does, before taking into account any multipliers you have for magic damage, any effective or ineffective damage modifiers, and then of course enemy resistance and defense against that spell or magic in general.

The final stat on a spell is Level Requirement. This typically indicates the level the spell is, and can start appearing when you’re around one to two levels below that spell.

How Mana Works in Enshrouded

Mana is your spell-casting resource, which you will need to fill up if you intend to cast spells consistently in fights. Mana will replenish over time, typically depending on how much Spirit you have. You can get your hands on more Spirit by spending your skill points on Spirit.

(1 of 2) Make sure to get your hands on a wand that mana leeches effectively to regain mana in combat, enabling you to cast more spells more often.

Make sure to get your hands on a wand that mana leeches effectively to regain mana in combat, enabling you to cast more spells more often. (left), You can check on your mana, alongside spirit for mana restoration, in the character screen, then click the attributes button. (right)

In addition, players can find Mana Potions from chests and enemy kills. You can also craft Mana Potions at the Alchemist. Meanwhile, you can find Wands in the game, and depending on the random perk roles the weapon, when you find purple and legendary quality versions of them, you may find you get Mana back from your wand attacks.

We strongly recommend having a solid wand that matches the magical damage type you like using, with great mana regeneration perks on them.

As for increasing your base mana pool, you can find armor in the game that affects your mana count. Rings often come with some form of mana upgrade component to them, while various mage armor sets from the Alchemist offer players mana-improving sets, along with magical damage modifiers. Make sure to keep on top of your gear if you intend to become a mage in your playthrough.

All Spells in Enshrouded

To help make it easier to understand if you want to cast Spells in Enshrouded, we have a list of spells we’ve found in the game so far. We recommend sorting the table by level to help you find the spells you should be able to use, or are close to being able to use.

Spell Level Description
Acid Bite 17 84 poison damage that leaves a DoT on enemies. Starts appearing from the Nomad Highlands.
Chain Heal 12 Chain heal between several injured nearby allies for 28 damage.
Chain Lightning 12 69 damage lightning spell that chains to multiple close-range targets.
Eternal Acid Bite 22 165 damage spells that poison enemies and does not deplete.
Eternal Chain Heal 17 Ammoless version of the Chain Heal spell, healing for 35 damage per ally affected.
Eternal Fireball 17 114 damage fire spell that does not deplete.
Eternal Heal Channel 22 Ammoless version of the Heal Channel spell, healing for 43 damage per cast.
Eternal Ice Bolt (crafted) 17 79 damage version of the Eternal Ice Bolt spell. You can also find this spell from the Nomad Highlands as loot.
Eternal Ice Bolt 6 35 damage ice attack. Eternal means it requires no ammo. Can be looted from chests. Can drop from the Springlands.
Eternal Light Burst 22 21 damage spells that repels nearby enemies.
Fire Wisp ?? Summoned via Necromancy skill passive or the Fire Wisp scrolls looted in the Nomad Highlands or Kindlewastes.
Fireball I 10 51 damage fireball attack.
Fireball II 15 85 damage upgraded version of Fireball I
Heal Chanel 5 Casts a healing spell, healing for 17 damage.
Ice Bolt 5 26 damage ice attack.
Light Burst 17 17 damage spell that knocks back foes. Starts appearing as loot in the Nomad Highlands and beyond.
Lightning Channel 22 Channel the spell to repeatedly deal 20 Shock damage to the target
Shroud Meteor 27 Targets 5 foes and deals 205 damage to each target struck. It will consume some of your time in the shroud to cast.

Please note that certain spells deal different types of magic damage. Make sure to use an appropriate staff that bolsters the magical damage of your spells. The Root Staff works much better with Acid bite for example. In addition, make sure you upgrade the damage multiplier perks from the skill tree to match the spells and wands you like using. For example, Pyromaniac talent increases fire damage by 20%, which is great for Fire wands, alongside Fireball and Fire Wisp.

This concludes our guide for spells, staffs, and wands in Enshrouded. You now know the basics of how the spells work, what spells you can get, along with how to use our staff/wand and cast spells.

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