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How to Get Indigo Plant

Craig Robinson

Indigo Plant is one of the Revelwood resources players must find as part of their progression in Enshrouded. This resource is part of the big challenge for upgrading your Flame level to 4 while also needed for alchemy purposes. To assist players with getting Indigo Plant in Enshrouded, we have the best locations to gather this resource below!

Where to Find Indigo Plant in Enshrouded

The best locations to find Indigo Plant in Enshrouded are Diadwyn and Thornhold.

Diadwyn is a hamlet in Revelwood, located about 300 meters west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire, making it easy to access from fast traveling to Revelwood. When you get there, you’ll find several clumps of Indigo Plant in the Farmbeds in the hamlet, and a few more sources in the wider field area surrounding it. Look for the Boar dens, and you’ll see a few to the side, alongside some on the roof of the dens.

(1 of 2) Follow this path from Diadwyn to find multiple Indigo Plants.

Follow this path from Diadwyn to find multiple Indigo Plants. (left), At the end of the route, you should see 4 Indigo Plants on the hill by the road. (right)

When you’re done looking around, we highly suggest following the dirt road from the town to the stone road heading south. From there, turn right when you reach the tents and the torch, and go towards the respawn flame. Follow the dirt road up the hill, and you should find another four Indigo Plants along the curve of the road. In total, you should get about seven Indigo Plants from this route.

The other farm we recommend going to is the one near Thornhold, located in the middle-east part of Revelwood. The fastest way here is likely by flying from the top of the Revelwood Spire and traveling east by gliding over the Shrouded area to reach the distant gap in the forest line. Follow the path up towards the small farmstead, go through the cave near the mountain, and you’ll hone in on Thornhold, a Scavenger stronghold.

When you arrive at Thornhold, move to the southwest side of the town, and you’ll find a dirt road leading further into the forest. Along this dirt road, you’ll find around eight Indigo Plants in very close proximity to the first road all the way along. Some are directly next the the road as seen in the screenshots below, while some are slightly out of vision behind the trees. You should find around eight Indigo Plants in this very small sector.

(1 of 2) Move Southwest from Thornhold, and you shall come across a very dense area of Indigo Plant in Enshrouded.

Move Southwest from Thornhold, and you shall come across a very dense area of Indigo Plant in Enshrouded. (left), There are lots of Indigo Plants very close to the road, and they continue the further you move down it. (right)

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a large dose of Indigo Plants on other POIs around the biome. You’ll be able to find the odd one or two clumps of Indigo Plants around the entire region as you explore the woods. You should also randomly get some from vases and destructibles around Shrines and the Spire if you’re lucky.

If you’re desperate for a consistent source of Indigo Plants, you can also start creating farms in your base. Go to the farmer, grab some Farmsoil, a Seedbed and Farmbed, and you’re good to go. Create some Indigo Plant Seedlings, plant them, and in around 15 minutes of planting the seeds, you should start seeing some grow in your base. You can learn more about farms using our Enshrouded Farming and Seed guide.

This concludes how to get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded reliably. Hopefully, these wild farms and homegrown tips will help you with your alchemical and flame level-improving needs. We also have more guides on other Flame level 4 resources such as Copper Ore and Amber here!

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